Thursday, April 17, 2014



Hi Y’all!



The letter “0” on the a to z challenge falls on Barks and Bytes day.  So, since I’ve gotten caught up in, what my Human calls “big words”, I thought I’d try out the word “obedientiary” on y’all.  Hint, it’s something to which we with paws are subject. 


My photos aren’t helpful, I know…that’s ‘cause I have no sound or visual of my Human giving commands.




Now that I’ve told y’all about the word “obedientiary”, it’s time to get on to the barks!

I’m going back to last week’s “I Is for Me” 

LetterstoAndrew said...

“You sure are you!! Thanks so much for joining the blog hop! I love the way you put your spin on it. :-) And love the pictures of the island but would I be wrong to think they were shot in the fall?”




Yes, I regret, you are incorrect.  This is spring in the south.  The reds you see are the little red seeds and tiny new leaves on the maples.  Various other trees offer different shades of yellow and green. Now, one week later it looks like this:




Saved by Dogs said...

“Well now I'm confused because I thought I was me but you say I is you...does this mean we are I?”


P1340626Hmmm…have to give that one some thought…

About black and white Sunday…

Lisa Brown said...

Love the pictures, but why aren't you in the water chasing those geese? Just sayin'!




P1340440I’m ignoring the birds because my Human doesn’t want me chasing them.  I’ll stop and sit when I see a bird.  I’ve even gone up and sniffed a grouse, but I don’t chase.  



The birds know I won’t bother them, even when they’re on our lawn.  You see, here at the shore we live in a wildlife protected area. 



Y’all come back now!