Friday, December 19, 2014

Training Can be Fun!



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Training doesn’t have to be a specific time and place…As a matter of fact, once you teach your pup the basics, it’s better to keep varying the routine.



Above I’m practicing recall on the shore. 

You want your pup to respond to commands when in public, in the house, or outdoors.  His and your safety could depend on it!



The water level is low, so I decided to investigate a path.



The wetland muck is like quicksand and just sucks you down. My Human called “far enough, back this way!”.





This command comes in handy in any number of situations where my Human wants me to return toward her. 


The best thing my Human and I did together was to go to school together.  As a rambunctious 14 month old, I was eager to please. 

However, the training is so important for the Human, even if they’ve trained lots of dogs. 


I was a quick study, ‘cause I’d had training with my breeder.  But my Human just couldn’t seem to get the recall thing right!  and yes, it really was her fault!



We’d do a sit or down.  The Human would walk to a specified point and turn and call me.  But before she’d call I was already on the way. 


The trainer was an experienced AKC trainer, breeder and handler.  She asked the class if they saw the problem.  No one did.



My Human was leaning slightly forward just prior to saying “come”.  She really didn’t know she was doing it. 

We really had to practice recalls until she learned how to do it right!


So, you see, what your body and arms do IS important!  But you need the help of a trained set of eyes to know what the problem really is.


When you decide to go to school together, you need to practice, practice, practice.  This is when you and your human form that bond together. 


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