Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pictures of the cold snowy day…



Hi Y’all! 


Yesterday was cold, it was only 34 degrees Fahrenheit at 12:30pm EDT.  It did finally reach 40 for about 15 minutes before dropping right back to 34 again.


During the milder part of the day I got to play a little. The wind was so brisk that we soon headed back inside.  Havin' fun!  Then as afternoon drifted toward evening the snow began in earnest.  The following are some pictures of the disappearing mountains.






Now it’s time for the Saturday Blog Hop! 

Y’all join in! 


  1. Brrrr!! Is is chilly here too. Stay warm my friend. Have a happy weekend!

  2. well it is cold here too....60 degrees but that is cold to a dog here in alabama!

    Stay warm my friend,


  3. Hi Chewy!
    We just came back from the coast where I was suffering in the 80 degree heat. My Human was chilly when we had a cloudy day. The low was in the 60's. Now she's really freezing! I wear a good thick coat, so I'm okay.
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  4. In Alaska we used to call it termination dust as we watched the snow move down the mountain


  5. Brrrr. I almost wish it was cold here, then maybe it would stop raining. Shiva the Dog does NOT like the rain.

    Looks like you managed to get some lovely photos anyway. Happy blog hop!

  6. Snow already? I'm not looking forward to another Chicago winter here. least that means we're a bit closer to next summer. But just a bit...

  7. Well, another pup here not looking forward to another Chicago winter! But I do love to play in snow.
    It looks so beautiful in your photos, I'd love to live there!

  8. Saw the nicknames and thought maybe you were an IOWA dog! Gus loves his Iowa Hawkeyes! Stay warm!

  9. As you already know, we have been playing in the fresh snow all weekend. Supposed to warm up this week, though, so doubt we will see any more in the next several days.