Friday, November 12, 2010

Special Edition!!!!!!!!!

Hi Y’all!

Those of you who follow me recognize this shot my Humans have been taking all fall because of the pretty colored trees.

P1010036  If you look closely, you see the bare area above the trees at the end of the field where they are logging. Monday a boy lost his leg loggin' up there. Sadly, on Monday a young man who ran the logging crew was cutting down a tree.  A small misjudgment caused the saw to kick back and his leg was cut off. 

My humans do not know the young man, but have known many loggers who lost their lives in the profession.  There is at least one in very little cemetery around here.  We had stopped to visit a friend who works in logging and also volunteers on our mountains Rescue Squad.  He told the humans that the young man had no insurance.  The hospital amputated the rest of the leg and he was home on Wednesday. 

The local churches are great here, but they are all small, usually less than 100 members, many less than 50 members.  There will be donations and benefits to help the family through this difficult time.  There will be prayers.

That is what the family needs most…prayers…

Please cross your paws, or if you’re human and understand prayer, please pray for this young family to have the strength they need to survive this very difficult and painful time. 


Hawk aka BrownDog


  1. Will keep the family in my thoughts!

  2. Oh, that's a horrible accident. I hope that he is okay. It's a new life after that kind of accident, but it's still a beautiful world to enjoy, even if minus a leg.

    Your photos are pretty. I miss the fall. The trees here are evergreen--dry sclerophyl--and there is no time that all the leaves just fall. In Canberra, you can be reminded of life in the northern hemisphere. They brought in oaks. No squirrels there, you'd have to find something else to chase.

  3. We will pray for this young man and his family
    Love from Bella and Ollie.