Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Meet Maggie



Pleased to meet you.  My name is Maggie…


I’m happy to join the Tuesday’s Tails blog hop is hosted by Dogs N Pawz and Talking Dogs. This is the blog hop that features shelter pets.

Now in my very own words…


“So happy I ran into you! I've been keeping an eye out for ya. So much so that it went missing... Hope that's ok. It's same ol' lovable me. Maggie! The 9 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix. In case you forgot, I'm still great with other dogs and cats. Potty trained and all that house broken goodness. I am such a lover as well! Life with me would be a breeze. Easy living is what I'm all about these days. If you've had your eye out (no pun intended) for a low maintenance girl like me, look no further! Fill out an application an pixieproject.org to meet me. I come, spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.”

The Pixie Project…

510 N.E. MLK Blvd.
Portland, OR 97232
Retail: (503) 542-3432
Adoption: (503) 542-3433
Fax: (503) 542-3437

(all information above courtesy of Petfinder.com and pixieproject.org)











  1. Good luck to Maggie. Have a terrific Tuesday and happy St Patrick's Day..
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Maggie I hope the luck of the irish is with you and brings a new home to ya... I will share this ad and I cross my paws as hard as I can...and I eat a shamrock...
    easy rider

  3. Oh Maggie. You so deserve a new, loving, forever home to go to. We are wishing long and hard that you find that home real soon. Sharing.

  4. Maggie is such a beauty and senior dogs are so wonderful! Sharing and hoping she'll be adopted very soon.

  5. Maggie very adorable. I hope she finds a home soon.

  6. Wow!!! Maggie looks like such a sweet girl, and I'm an absolute sucker for senior pups - definitely sharing her story!

  7. Oh maggie you are beautiful, I hope you get a home soon