Friday, March 15, 2013

Follow UP! Follow UP!


Hi Y’all!



Time to join up with Heart Like a Dog for the end of week wrap up! 

Y’all were FULL of questions this past week! WOW, were YOU!

Going back to my post on Follow UP Hints, Sampson and Delilah were shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you, that I got snow.


One of the differences between the high and the low country is that, while both are in the southeastern USA, the high country is mountains.  If you get high enough, even this time of year, you get snow instead of rain with weather fronts.  Also the high country is colder in winter and cooler in summer. 

Molly the Wally asked, gators and snakes?


Ah, yes, Molly…the southeastern USA low country is perfect for snakes and alligators.  One must be obedient and alert…both dog and human.


Donna and the Dogs asked the same question as Molly.  The gators swim in the river and the lakes. The good news for residents is that the DNR kills gators when they become too big or troublesome.

Chloe and Lady Bug asked, “Hawk are you back at the mountains?”


 Yes, I’m in the mountains…makes no sense does it? 

The Rhyme Time cat and Molly the Wally on Black and White Sunday… wanted to know what I found underneath the snow…


I lost my Kong!!!  This icy stuff swallowed my KONG!!!


Gizmo asks if it isn’t getting a little late in the year for us to have so much snow.

Sampson and Delilah wanted to know if we got a lot and if it lasted very long.


This time of year, March, can surprise with some BIG, usually wet, snowfalls!  They don’t last long.  We had one Wednesday that was gone around lunch time.

BZ Dogs, previously known as BZ Training, Henry and Zachary saw my search for the swallowed Kong on More Befuddlement…

Chloe and LadyBug wanted to know if I lost a mouse under the snow.

Roxy wanted to know what I lost…

Pat Hatt from It’s Rhyme Time asks “are you still digging in the snow?”

Dawn at Pet Auto Safety wants to know if someone tricked me and threw a snowball for me to fetch.

And Flea of Jones Natural Chews cries “Hawk, don’t leave us like this!  What’s your befuddlement? What is lost in the snow?”



Nope, just my Kong.

Oh, and my Humans don’t trick me, they want me to trust the arm movements, since most of my commands are hand or arm signals.

Goose wanted to know if I was searching for spring and green grass…


Grass isn’t really getting much chance to green yet…even at the shore the heat tolerant grass we have isn’t greening yet.  But if I could’ve found the scent of spring I would have started diggin’ to get there!

Haopee wants to know if I’m back in the high country to stay…not returning to the low country anytime soon.


Who knows what the Humans will be doing!

The DaWeenies want to know if I lost my head in this shot…

P1190396 It is rather difficult to discern if I even have legs, isn’t it? 


Hope I answered y’alls questions. 

Y’all come back now!







  1. WOW we all were full of all kinds of questions. I like that your humans don't trick you. That is very good advise for all humans. Never really thought about it before. MOM and I are going to talk about this. She doesn't do it often but it does happen.

  2. Alligators?! You're one brave pooch to be exploring with those toothy creatures around.

    I do hope that you found your Kong!

  3. But did you FIND your Kong????

  4. We'd get in all kinds of trouble with gators and snakes. Peeps says Yikes we are lucky we have none here. Great Q&A Hawk. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Thanks for joining us on FUF Hawk!! So glad to have you along and thank you for answering my questions!

    We live in one of the highest elevations in town and I am always surprised by the difference in the weather when I leave the house. For instance if it's cool at my house I'm surprised by how warm it is in town.

    Have a great weekend!!

  6. So it was Kong, damn you have to find that, hope the digging mission was a success. And alligators, another reason to avoid water.

  7. Great wrap up, usual. I cannot believe you lost your KONG! WTD? Oh my oh my. I hope you have a super weekend! I will see you on Monday!
    *high paws*

  8. I'm glad your humans keep an eye out for gators and snakes! And I guess I'm a mean mommy because I do throw snowballs for my dogs. Well, Maya & Pierson aren't in training to retrieve so maybe it's okay. Besides, Pierson really enjoys digging for snowballs in the snow! :0)