Thursday, March 21, 2013




Hi Everybody.  My name is Sampson.

I was rescued from doggie jail by the Henrico Humane Organization. 

I’m housetrained…I love to go for walks and sit politely when I see my leash…course a little treat never hurts!  After our walk I’ll curl up at your feet…or if you’d let me, I’d love to curl on the couch with you.  I love a good massage or rub…you know they say rubbing a dog helps you peeps relax. 

I have one request…please no cats.  I’m happy to share with another dog though.

You can reach me at Henrico Humane Society, Richmond, VA  My phone number is:  804-262-6634.  If you prefer email:  Ask for Sampson!


All information and photos courtesy of and Henrico Humane Society. 





  1. We wish Sampson good luck. Find a forever home soon sweet one. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. No cats? How rude! haha hope a good home is found soon!

  3. What a sweet older boy...He should find a nice quiet home soon

  4. He had me with his name. :-) I sure hope he finds a forever home, I know how much my Sampson means to me.

  5. Oh Sampson, you're a beauty. I hope you find a good home soon.