Friday, October 5, 2012

Follow Up Friday


Hi Y’all!

Today is another special day.   If you recall, I changed the name of Friday’s post by borrowing “Follow Up Friday” from Heart Like a Dog.  I thought it had a catchy tune. 

Yesterday I had a neat comment from Jodi Stone who is Sampson’s and Delilah’s Human to have my Human email her.  Jodi asked my Human if she would co-host todays post as a bloghop.  So, with a little luck we embark on a bloghop today! 

But first, to answer your questions. 

Yesterday, Collie 222 asked if I thought my Human might adopt a brother or sister for me.  The simple answer is “no”.  I’m a big fella and there just wouldn’t  be no room for another in our car. 

Don’t get any ideas Human…just where do you propose putting another one of me?

Goose wondered at what this bird is looking.

He definitely heard something…now you have me wondering!  Maybe he heard the camera click.

Blueberry asked what I’m sniffin’…

I’m just checkin’ to see what animal went through here. 

24 Paws of Love asks if I’m the handy one with the camera or if I just lead them to the butterflies…


It’s a tough job pointing out the butterflies and birds, not to mention checking out the big animals and finding ones that will co-operate with a photo session.

Blueberry asked if I gave my Humans a treat for fixin’ the thorn and getting it out of my paw.  I figured that some kisses and wags were better ‘cause they’re always watchin’ what we all eat and limit my treats.

Dakota wanted to know if this is a fly in the cows eye.  Sugar simply wanted to know if there was something by the eye.

It certainly is; there certainly is; it’s a rather large mean nasty fly.  

Ruby and Bart want to come visit ‘cause of the heat they’ve been having, 100 plus temps!  Anywhere out east here or even to the north of you has to be an improvement!  Come on east! 

Now lets get to our Follow Up Friday Blog Hop hosted by Heart Like a Dog and co-hosted by yours truly. 


Since I’ve had a bit of an oops here and my Human knows less about computers than I, bear with us and hop over to Heart Like a Dog and link into the HOP!

Anyone who has any suggestions about Blogger and bloghops let me know and I’ll try to teach my Human.  If you have any suggestions for Wordpress let Jodi at Heart Like a Dog know. Comments or email are both appreciated as long as you can make our Humans laugh or smile or have helpful suggestions.

Y’all come back now! 









  1. If we get stuck we pop over to the blogger forum and someone always has an answer. Also google the problem works too. Have a fabulous Friday Hawk.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. We just love Follow Up Friday. Wish I could help ya with the hopper thingy. I am not much a computer dog and like you MOM even knows less.

  3. Great Follow up Friday Hawk!

    I missed the fly by the cows eye the first time around!

  4. Great follow up! Have a wonderful Friday!


  5. Always enjoy the follow-ups.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Thanks for co-hosting Hawk and a big giant thank you to your mom for putting up with me!!

    You did a great job with your FUF co-hosting duties!!

    I promise the next time you co-host I will have this blog hopping thing figured out.

    Thanks again and you have a great weekend, you hear. ;-)

  7. Great follow up Friday...your so busy busy!

  8. Love the follow ups!

    Thanks for keeping us up to date!

  9. BOL!! We thought that cow's eye was your eye!! DUH!! Guess What, Hawk! Our weather finally broke. Yesterday was our first 24 hours without air conditioning in MONTHS!! But thanks for the invite! Have a wonderful weekend!

    -Bart and Ruby

  10. Great Follow Up Friday Hawk! Have a super duper weekend! :)

  11. Great follow-up Friday post Hawk!!

    That photo of the cow is awesome, other than the nasty fly that is :)

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Great FUF. Great pictures except we feel bad about the nasty fly bugging the cow.

    the brown dawgs