Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Another Tuesday, Another Tail…Tale




Pleased to meet you! 

I’m Atlas!

I’m living with a foster mom in Bardstown, Kentucky.  I’ve been doing so well with my lessons that she thinks I should be able to go to a REAL home, a forever home.

I am very, very well mannered. 

I am young, only 2  years old.  So occasionally I get really excited and forget about my size and launch all of my 60 lbs.  I know I’m acting crazy jumping up like that, but I’m really, really working on it! 

I’ve “worked hard perfecting my potty training skills and think I have perfected them”.

I love to take a ride in the car, but when I have to stay home I prefer my crate.  I’m more comfy there, plus it keeps me out of trouble. 

I love to play with my “furry dog friends and the cat isn’t so bad either”.  When I’m not playing I love having a nice bone. 

My wish for a home is that the people love me and care about me.  I’d like a home where it’s understood that I am a very active young adult dog and are willing to spend the time with me.


I’m hoping that my new family would take me to school so we could learn how to work together…who knows, maybe even agility or rally obedience, or both!   I really want to learn to be a good family member and be a part of a loving family. 

To contact me:  Barktown Rescue, Bardstown, KY Please use email • info@barktownrescue.org


All photos and information above is courtesy of Petfinder.com and Barktown Rescue.













  1. That's one cute Pup! WE hope you find a Furever home really Soon!

  2. Atlas is very interesting to me ... he's the first dog I've seen with the same 'crinkles' down his back that Frankie has got. There are a few Chessies in New Zealand but I very much doubt Frankie is part CBR. He's a totally different colour brown for a start. Not that that means much :) I hope Atlas finds his forever home soon. He looks lovely!

  3. Good luck to Atlas....we wish you all the luck in finding a new home.
    Have a terrific Tuesday Hawk.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Best of luck baby, we're rooting for you!!

  5. Hi Atlas! I hope you find a new home soon!

  6. Atlas sounds wonderful, and he is so cute! I hope he finds a home very soon.

  7. Atlas is gorgeous! Will share.