Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday’s Follow Up and Fitness


Hi Y’all!




Today we’re going to try to wind up the week and look ahead to the weekend.


First Oz had a question about why his person trained him to drink on command, like mine trained me.  Last Friday I mentioned it as a way to control water intake.


I can’t exactly answer the question about your mom.  My Human taught all of the pawed ones before me to drink on command. 

Another good thing is that she can get me to drink when we are going to go in the car, so I have time to pee before the journey starts. 


Oh, and for Slim Doggy, I pee and potty on command too.  If you’re going to travel with Humans it is an important thing to practice.

Sampson and Delilah want to know if I only drink when told. 


No, y’all, I drink on my own too.  When I’m relaxing indoors I can drink all I want, whenever I want.  Yes, even at night. 

Molly wanted to know, about Guessing Game, if I was getting flooded again. 


My path is covered in water.  The river is high.  We’d had 14 inches here in the low country by last Sunday.  It’s still raining almost daily as I paw this.

TexWisGirl commented about “Guessing Game” that she was thinking I was “in retriever heaven”. 


She would know!

Dewey and the folks at McLean Puppy Chronicles guessed a place where I can have splashy fun.

P1230543 Probably not such a good example of “splashy fun”.

The gang at Golden Pines just said they loved a mystery…so I guess I’ll have to solve it! 

My friend Sophie thinks I’m “in dah swamp!”


And Jim at Ocean Breezes thought maybe I was in the Florida Everglades. 


We’re in the southeastern U.S., thus the gators and sea birds.  However, we aren’t that far south.  We’re in the low country here. 

Goose said we were someplace that had lot’s of rain.


Yep, 14 plus inches in July alone.  Not as much as some areas, but some of the places that received more rain aren’t sitting just above sea level. 

About “Sunday’s Fun”, Kari in Alaska guessed the lake. 


Yes Kari, we are back in the low country at the shore.  We don’t have the boat in because it is too hot. 


The Humans like going down river to a restaurant. 

Some folks like to go on down to the Inland Waterway, maybe go up to a show and spend a night before returning.  My Humans say going by car is faster and shorter, not to mention more comfortable in the summer. 

Molly the Wally wants to know when I’ll know when Mr. Snappy is gone and when it will be safe to return to the water.

Dear Flea from Dog Treat Web wanted to know if it was still gator season here. 


There are gators around most of the year here, except in the winter months when they lay up.  We just have to be careful and I don’t get to really swim out to retrieve when the gators are seen nearby.  This one is quite large and has been laying up under the neighbors pier. 



Gizmo asked if I’d seen any baby gators.


We used to have a resident gator that even wintered over.  The 5 years of drought caused lots of water fowl and the resident gator to depart.


The above picture is part of one of the inlets where the gators like to lay.  You go down at night with the flashlight and see how many eyes are glowing back at you.






Y’all come back now!















  1. We are hoping you stay dry, watch for them gators. Wow, be safe! Have a great Friday!

  2. Great follow-up, Hawk! Ma has answered me as to why she has me drink on command at times...but now that you mention it, she trained me to pee and potty on command as well. Gosh, maybe we are brofurs!!!
    Have a GREAT weekend, Hawk!

  3. Oh my we'd be scared of Mr.Snappy and Co. Have a fabulous Friday Hawk and enjoy your weekend.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Great Follow-Up Hawk, thank you for joining the hop~

    Glad that you can drink whenever you want, we were worried that maybe your human might forget to tell you to drink. That wouldn't be good.

    Have a great weekend!! And stay out of the water.

  5. I just love your photos Hawk...You capture the beauty of the low country so well...Have a great weekend

  6. Hawk is pretty amazing.

    Some know of a few of SlimDoggy Steve's friends who will also drink on command when they are in a bar....

  7. That's a good idea to teach your dog to drink on command. It can be challenging to get dogs to drink on our group hikes. It seems to get worse the hotter or more tired they are.

  8. It is pretty where you live, but I have to admit that I would not like the gators or snakes!

    Both boy dogs potty on command, but not Storm. Storm does things in Storm's own good

  9. Beautiful followup and pictures. I love alligators, I went to Florida and hunted them once. It was a great trip. Have a good weekend.

  10. If we ever move to gator country, I will definitely have to consult you on what to look out for. I love how you poo and pee on command. I've been trying to get Maya to poo on command because I have to pick it up before Pierson eats it. She knows the command now, but if she doesn't have to go she gives the the most pathetic look. What do you do if you're told to poop and you just don't have to go?