Saturday, April 9, 2011

Me and My Sunbeam!


Hi Y’all!

The sun came out on Sunday and Monday while we were in the mountains.  We have wonderful doors that allow lots of warm sun to shine in.  I love to take full advantage of it!








Above I doze.  To the left I watch my Human.





Voicing a little complaint when I have to move so the Human can finish mopping the floor.  Now I ask you, is that a fair thing to do?

Have to get some sun on the tummy before it moves away.



Nap time!

Join me tomorrow to see the reason I haven’t been swimming yet this year and find out what I did with my birthday ball.  


While y’all wait for tomorrows thriller, enjoy a little blog hopping.


  1. Just discovered your delightful blog through the blog hop! Oscar loves to lie in the sunshine too. Wishing you a joyfilled day!

  2. We do enjoy your photography...very nice. I'm surprised to find that you enjoy the sun so much. My Retrievers loved it in Winter, but preferred cool tile in warm weather. Come to think of it, you may not be experiencing the 80 degree weather that we are here. Oops. I stand stupid!

    Next weekend while I'm playing on this hop, I'll also be hosting one at my blog. I'd love to have you join in to help homeless bunny friends find furever homes. Check it out

  3. aren't sunspots the best?


  4. Hi, found you on the blog hop this morning. We are going to follow to learn more. You look like an adventurous doggie like us.....and we love the sun.

  5. Sunbeams are the BEST, but are you sure you weren't just drying the floor? And, yes, I need to know why you haven't been swimming, so I'll see you tomorrow.

  6. We love lying in the sun and agree that it's important to get both sides!! See you tomorrow, Hawkeye!

  7. Hot sun warmin' the that's heaven!

  8. Greetings my canine buddy.
    Yes, it's me, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star.
    Oh my, like you, I just 'lurve' lying by a spot where the 'lil' ol' sun shines down on 'lil' ol' me.
    Y'all come back now. Take care and I hope you are having a lovely weekend.
    Pawesome wishes, Penny :)

  9. Oh my goodness these are cute pics! I love the one with the tiny tongue and closed eyes. But who can resist Upside Down Dog?


  10. Absolutely love this photos! Our four have been grateful the rain has stopped, too. Sun-napping is a very good thing!

  11. Brown dog, you are SO handsome. :)

  12. Do you chase the sunbeam all around the house like Bella does? :)

  13. Tummy sun is the bestest sun of all :)