Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Hi Y’all!

It’s been hot here, so lots of my exercises are planned for early morning or dusk.

As I remarked yesterday, we are relearning the simple whistle used for commands when I am a distance away.  It is shrill and definitely is better than the Humans yelling at me.  It does get my attention. 

Lately I’ve started giving the incorrect response to the whistle.  No, it’s not because I’m stubborn.  Fortunately, I have Humans who has spent a lifetime with horses and dogs, yes cats were in the mix too.  They know that we don’t have human motives behind our actions, or lack of action. 

My Human also realizes that she confused me.  She even thinks she knows when it happened, but in her usual manner she doesn’t dwell on how it happened, but how to correct it.  Unfortunately for both of us, this means going back to basics.  We started with “heel, forward, halt, sit, stay” .  Only difference between regular obedience is that she uses the whistle and hand signals instead of a verbal.  Also, I am not wearing a leash. 

The whole process is rather boring and it is hot here, so we keep sessions short, but train twice daily.  As we get to more interesting stuff, I’ll post more on my “retraining”.

In the meantime, let me  show you the pictures of a nuthatch feeding her babies.  Her nest is in the hole directly behind her.



On the left you can clearly see her and the hole where her nest is located. 

The tree itself is located in the wetland and the water’s edge. 

There are actually a pair of these birds working.                                                                        

Food is easily located just outside the nest.  Then she can hustle back and feed the demanding youngsters. 

Below she pokes her head into the nest.

It’s super time!


















  1. Do you have a link to this type of training? I would be interested. BTW beautiful nuthatch pictures :-)

  2. Well, at least training in morning and evening lets you sleep all day. We are considering getting a whistle to use with Chester and Gretel. Not necessarily for training but to break their concentration when we are trying to get them to come to us. When they get off on a tangent it's like we don't even exist and we look like idiots chasing them around yelling at them :)

  3. Hmm, training with a whistle. Good idea! Oscar likes to run off at the dog park...though he's better than he used to be.

  4. Great shots of the cute little bird (and I definitely now about the human being the source of confusion. Arg!)

  5. We have been thinking of starting to train with a whistle. Never done it before, but would like to learn.

    Nuthatches are one of my favorite small birds. We have a pair that nest in a bird house we have in the backyard. Looks like they are starting to come back.

  6. Hot is not a concept that I can understand yet. It snowed again last night!

    I'm so happy to hear your words about retraining Hawk. You sound perfectly patient and ready to put in the work, and don't blame the regression on him. I love your attitude.

    We have nuthatches too but not the kind shown in your photo. Moreover, babies are still a month or two away here!

  7. we hate when its too hot to walk the pups!


  8. Early morning walks are beginning here, too.

    What a wonderfully situated nest - prime real estate ;)