Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Morning Memories


Hi Y’all,

For me Easter was HOT! as in summer heat!  However, a nice breeze and I got to enjoy some quiet time wandering around the yard with my Humans.

First I went down to the water-front and checked on the nesting ducks. They were fine.  I wasn’t allowed too close.        

I checked out the rose garden.  The flowers smell so great!











If you check closely in this next picture you’ll see me back checking out one of the trees that grows balls.  They’re comin’ along nicely.                                         

Below you’ll find some pictures of my balls, and of the baby figs on the fig tree.






 Right are the balls (pears).

Below is a fig just starting on the fig tree.






Then we watched the sunset in the pictures below.






 Tomorrow I’ll show y’all some more of my feathered friends enjoying their Easter dinner.    

See y’all tomorrow. 




  1. Gorgeous photos! LOve the rose garden.

  2. What a great day! Your yard is BEAUTIFUL!

  3. That's a PAWSOME yard with all the fruit trees and roses!! I bet you have a great time playing ball there-I know I sure would!!

  4. Gorgeous pictures, as always! I love that you know to take time to smell the roses! A lesson many humans could stand to learn! -Tammy

  5. Happy Easter Brown Dog and to your Mama as well. I've missed you guys. :)

  6. Nice way to spend your Easter!!

  7. Those flowers are beautiful! Our new house (if all goes well) has desert landscaping so no flowers :(


  8. What Gorgeous pictures! We went on a big walk on Saturday and thought of you all the time. Mama brought her camera and tried to capture our neighborhood the way you always capture yours! We're going to post them on Wednesday! Happy easter hawk!

  9. thanks for stopping by our blog! Also, nice pics :)

  10. Mama loves your roses. And we have a "ball" tree too. My balls are yellow and orange. ( lemon and orange) You sure have a big yard. I'd love to come and run around with you in it. We could hunt squirrels together. It's so nice and green too! Have a great day and come by and see me some time.

    Your Pal,

  11. I love the smell of roses!