Friday, June 8, 2012

Q & A Time


Hi Y’all!


Freddie’s mom, Basset Momma, referring to “I Have a Forgiving Human” from Monday’s Mischief, asked if my Human laughed when I knocked her down.

I’m afraid she wasn’t laughing. 

For one thing I weigh 100 lbs. and she isn’t all that tall and certainly doesn’t weigh all that much more than I do.  I was flying pretty fast!

In the next picture, see the rocks?  We’re in the mountains right now and the yard won’t even let you put a shovel into it…the grass is growing on rock…that’s why we have no fence…the contractors had to drill to put in the small yard outback.  The bulk heading is drilled into rock.  Thus a fall is HARD!!!

She definitely wasn’t happy and she was sore.  However, after reading everyone’s comments, she agreed she should have been paying more attention to where she was standing. 

Kim at Golden Pines commented that maybe it was the Wubba’s fault for being where it was. 

Roxy the traveling dog hoped that I said I was sorry to my Human for knocking her down.  I didn’t say I was sorry, but I settled down and stood for her to grab hold of my withers and then helped her up.

Jet reminded me that my Human only has two feet to balance on, unlike us pawed ones.  Thanks Jet, I’ll try to remember that! 

2browndawgs, Thunder, Storm and Freighter, after reading my letter from my Human, asked if I ever miss the cold.  Well, not really, cause I really don’t like to stay out in the cold very long.  I also don’t care for the heat like we get at the shore in the summer.  Since the Humans are pretty much the same way and we come up here to the mountains off and on all year, I don’t miss anything.

Now, I promised to tell y’all what I was thinking in that Wordless Wednesday picture.  You won’t believe it!

Thunder, Storm and Freighter, 2browndawgs, thought I was trying to figure out how to get a treat off the counter.

Goose thought I was thinking how good life is…I probably should have been. 

Bart and Ruby at Rottrover thought I was getting a belly rub!  So did Alison and Zoe at Pawfect Days.

Sorry y’all!  I was thinking about the expressions that Freddie gets(Bassetmomma) .  I was trying to show him he isn’t the only dog that can get expressions!  

Y’all come back now!




  1. Oh I see it now. Fred would be proud.
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

  2. Hello Buddy. I can relate to your Momma. Brother Dog sometimes wants my attention so he would jump at me behind my back because he sees Coal do it when I'm around.

    Weird, you don't like the cold?

    Huggies and Cheese,


  3. Hey Paul! We wanted to tell you that a long time ago you posted about getting to have honey to help you with your allergies. Our mom finally found some local honey and she and I have both been eating it with our breakfast. Well my leaky eyes have cleared up 90% and so have mom's. She and I have both been having severe allergies since the Station fire in 2009. Thank you so much for that tip Hawk we're both forever in your debt!