Friday, February 10, 2012

Fun Friday’s Fun Answers to Fun Questions


Hi Y’all,


My friend Bert asked me “do you live in heaven?” 

Bert, I live in the best of all worlds.  If that is heaven, then yes, I live in heaven.

My friend Kol asked “that is a glorious puddle Hawk. Did you wallow in it? Did you get nice and muddy? Did ya?Did ya?Did ya? I want to train for whatever the 2BrownDawgs do. Human-sanctioned mud baths? I'm IN.

Kol, sorry to disappoint but I just ran through it.  My Human is pretty quick to direct my energy so I won’t get the car full of mud and dirt. 

The 2BrownDawgs asked “Did you go around? Now in our field training they would have made us go through it. Yep, straight through the mud. :)”

Actually, I was doing a “come” command to my Human Papa, then the Human Momma called me to her.  Isn’t she smart?  It kept me outa the mud, though I did manage to splash through part of it.  Truth is I prefer water deep enough for real swimming.  If I’m not going full blast, my Human calls me away from puddles. 


Y’all come back now!



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