Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More Mystery


Hi Y’all,


Thanks for stoppin’ back!

Mornin’ dawned frigid with snow in the higher elevations.

The Humans knew more snow was in the forecast so we decided to go back to our favorite trail. 

When we arrived we got a look at some different mountains.

I was quick to be off!

The Humans kept stopping to look at the snow over on the opposite mountain.

While they were admiring the view, they spied these new marks on one of the trees.

The marks go high into the branches.


In the meantime my sniffer was hard at work checking every nook and cranny. 














Folks, with all this sniffin’ I still don’t know who is trespassing in my territory.

The day ended with none of us knowing who or what was sharing our forest and field.  But something told me it wasn’t something the Humans or I wanted to meet.

All I know is that that coyotes don’t climb trees.  There is a bear that passes through here, but usually when the blackberries, Huckleberries and elderberries are ripe.  There are also bobcats and they lay high in trees.  To my mind those marks are too big for a bobcat. 

Y’all come back now.



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