Saturday, February 18, 2012

I Share My Yard With These Birds


Hi Y’all!

Since we ended up spending the winter here in the mountains, my Human set up a feeding station for my little feathered friends.  I introduced y’all to my cardinal friends

Then you met the chickadee and snowbird February 12th.

Now I’d like you to meet a couple more.

Here is a Towhee his feathers ruffled by the 40-50 mph winds.


Looks a wee might cold doesn’t he?

And the day wouldn’t be complete without the music from the song sparrow.


Of course the cardinal is still here.

Research from Penn State University in 2002 states that cardinals mate for life, which averages 3 yrs.  So it wasn’t surprising to see his wife accompany him to eat and drink.

See the snow bird behind her on the opposite side of the fence?


gotta fly away!

Tomorrow is questions and answer time again.

Y’all come back now.








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