Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hi Y’all! I’m Joinin’ PupLove in an “Re-Introduction” and Blog Hop!


Hi Y’all,

Jack and AJ at PupLove invited everyone to join a “re-introduction” blog hop!  There is still time to join in the fun! Join up HERE.

I’m called “Hawk”…I’m also called “Hawkeye”…I’ve got a big long official name, but I rarely use it. 

I’ll be 5 years old next month.  Wow! how time flies!  

I live in the Southeastern USA.  When it gets super HOT here my Humans escape to the mountains in the southeast.  Of course, I go too. 

I’m a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  Many people in this part of the country think I’m a Labrador or a Lab-Poodle cross. 

I started this blog so friends and family could keep up with my Humans.  I wanted to write it myself so I could give people with active working dogs ideas of fun things to do with their own dogs. 

Tricks?  I do stuff like shake hands, bow and roll over.  Most of the things I do I learned to keep safe.  At least once a day my Human Momma and I spend between 10 and 15 minutes reviewing commands. 

I get to play with toys outside.  My Humans and I play together.  They select the toy.  If they pick up one I’m not in the mood for, I just keep sittin’ and staring ‘til they get the one I want.  I have several favorites.  These are my favorites. 

The AeroDog bouncy bone is lots of fun.

When we’re in the mountains I like the octopus Wubba in the picture below.



I also enjoy playin’ with the Frisbee.  The one with the hole in the center roles when it hits the ground.  It’s lots of fun.  I play with that when we’re at the shore.

My Humans are my best friends. 

I don’t have any enemies…unless you want to call the gators and snakes here at the shore and the bears and snakes in the mountains my enemies.

My favorite thing, besides playin’, eatin’ and sleepin’ is getting’ vacuumed. 

You can learn more about me here.


  1. Nice to meetcha Hawk! We're posting in the blog hop too! It's so neat to get to know everydoggy a little better!

  2. I enjoyed your reintroduction post! :)

  3. Nice to learn more about you :)


  4. Woof! You're a beauty! And smart I know because Kirby's teacher trains chesepeake bay retrievers for rally and agility and they are amazing!

  5. Always nice hearing more about you, my friend!

  6. It's always a pleasure to see you Hawk.

    My sister lives on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay. You have lots of cousins there, I'm sure.

  7. Hi Hawk! Thanks so much for stopping by to "meet" us. It's nice to "meet" you too! We loved your re-intro post. You are a very handsome boy! We're now following, so stop back over and follow us, too!

    ~Nugget & Oscar

  8. I loved learning all that stuff about you Hawkeye. Our dogs have big fancy names too but they never ever use them.

    What a great life you have!

  9. Thank you for taking part in our first hop, Hawkeye - you're a handsome boy!