Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Terrible Tuesday


Hi Y’all,

I know y’all are wonderin’ why this is a terrible Tuesday. 

I’m sittin’ here ponderin’ about the owners who won’t take responsibility, the owners who put their pets outside and never share the warmth of their homes.  I’m also thinkin’ about Monday’s post by Will My Dog Hate Me.  That post has really got me down…

We all need to get together and post about these horrible things happening…the next time it could be me or even your pet they declare banned!  I don’t want to be yanked from my happy home and put to death!  I’ve never done anything but love my family and take care of them.  Breed specific legislation effects more than pure bred dogs…it effects any dog that appears to be of that breed, whether or not it actually is.  What’s even worse is that people who work for animal control agencies decide if a dog is a specific breed.  Someone could decide a brindle Boxer cause the color is right and it has a broad head is a Pit Bull.  Any breed that is given a bad name can be put on the banned list. 

Trixie, Lily and Sammy-Joe, in response to my rant yesterday said  “Instead of banning dogs, they should put a ban on the things they don't want... like, if your dog poops on the ground and you don't pick it up, you are BANNED! Or if your dog bites someone, you are BANNED! Then all the well-behaved doggies and their well-behaved humans can be free to do as they want.” 

Great idea, but how would they enforce the ban?  At places like public rest stops it would be impossible.  It might work in local parks, especially in small towns where everybody knows everybody. 

Anybody have any ideas?  How do we get out of this vicious cycle? 

Please be sure to go read the full post “Let’s call breed bans what they are: Death sentences


  1. Breed bans are discrimination, just like when people judge other people just 'cause of one thing. It's wrong with people, it's wrong with us!

  2. To ban a breed is outrageous. I also know that the animal control centers are overpopulated because of people abandoning their dogs for various reasons. My idea would be to ban the puppy mills. It's not the dogs fault they were brought into this world to make a buck. These poor babies suffer because of human greed.

  3. I agree with your post 100%. Breed bans are ridiculous and small-minded.

    And a big amen to the comment from CindyLu's Muse.

  4. I agree, it is a terrible thing. But hopefully the more we talk about it and share this information, the more we can change things. It is our responsibility as caring humans and dogs to spread awareness of these issues and act in a way that will make a difference. Thanks for writing this.

  5. A beautiful constructed posting by a beautiful dog.Doggie what you must understand,humans are the real evil breed,they vote for some human scumbag whether he is republican or democrat,that scumbag only wants votes,he will kill his family to achieve the necessary votes,so a few thousand animals he is guilty of murdering is merely collateral damage.Ask Mayor Hinklehooper of Denver he made it to the Governors mansion of Colorada by MURDERING Family-PETS.

  6. Im all for holding people responsible and not blaming the dogs. There are places we can't live because they would kill Mesa and Baily :(


  7. Breed Banning is wrong...Dogs are not born bad...they can be raised bad. Good human animal relationship gives all breeds a good life.

  8. In our town, they give tickets to owners who let their dogs do bad things in the parks or don't pick up after them. To take a dog into the parks, a person has to buy a "dog license" which presumably pays for the rangers who enforce the rules. The problem is that there still aren't enough rangers... And, it feels like a police state sometimes.

    I honestly don't know what the solution is except that we dog people need to be vocal in support of dog access.

    I don't even want to think about those other things. It breaks my heart.