Thursday, February 10, 2011

I’m a Very Good Girl


Hi Y’all!  

Today I’d like to introduce y’all to a VERY SPECIAL LADY.   Not too much is known about her except that she is a very nice lady.

However before I turn the post over to her I want to mention two posts on other sites that continue the conversation on breed bans and being responsible dog “pawrents”.   Please, don’ t just visit these sites, but also join the discussion!  Go HERE to visit Will My Dog Hate Me and discuss ethical pet travel.  Go HERE to visit Go Pet Friendly and get some great pointers for avoiding places that ban specific breeds.  They also have some direction to help you if  YOUR DOG IS MISTAKEN FOR A BANNED BREED. 

The more we talk, comment, write and vote with our feet and wallets, the better chance we have of getting our point out there! 

Now I’ll turn this post over to a beautiful lady hoping you’ll invite her to be your forever friend.

 Thank you Hawk for giving me time today. 

I’m currently residing at K 9 Stray Rescue League located in Oxford, MI .  The people here are very nice.  One of the girls who volunteer here lets me help her while she’s working in the office…well, actually I just lay at her feet.  Once in awhile I put my head in her lap so she can relieve her stress…you know what they say about patting a dog’s head lowers blood pressure.

I’m what Humans call “house trained”.  I know basic commands and everyone tells me I’m a nice girl.  I’m also current on all shots and spayed. 

They think I’m between 6 and 8 years old…I don’t have a gray face yet.  I don’t know how old I am in Human years.  I do know I’m mature enough to be past all that “puppy stuff”. 

Oh, yes, they call me Fuzzy, but if you’ll give me a forever home, I’ll answer to whatever name you choose. 










Thanks Fuzzy for telling us about your plight.  If you are reading this and are interested in adopting Fuzzy here is her contact information:

K 9 Stray Rescue League
Oxford, MI

Click any picture or any BOLD including her name to access her Petfinder page or click HERE.


  1. Fuzzy has such a sweet face--what a happy smile!! I'm sure she'll find a furever home soon--who wouldn't love her?

  2. Fuzzy looks very nice. I'll be she's still got a little puppy in her. She'll make someone a very nice furrever friend. She looks calm and sweet.

  3. What a sweetheart! I adore that first picture of her. Sending her pawsitive thoughts for a new fuever home.

  4. So sweet! I hope she finds a loving forever home very soon!

  5. Good Luck Finding a home fuzzy. All dogs deserve someplace safe and warm.

  6. You're so beautiful Fuzzy. We'll be hoping that you find a new fur ever home soon and that you can be loved and adored and spoiled!

  7. Fuzzy looks like such a sweet and calm girl. I hope that she gets adopted very soon.