Saturday, February 12, 2011



Hi Y’all! 

Mornings are a very special time!  I get my Human up before daylight and we go outside and listen to the world awaken…not the city world that rarely sleeps, but the country world of wildlife and birds.

First is the Great Blue with its squawking call, cutting into the soprano calls of the frogs. 

Next the ducks and the geese start their discussion on where to go for breakfast. 

It isn’t long before the first light dawns and the warblers, mockingbirds, robins, blackbirds and mourning doves  join the conversation and the world around me sounds like a choir.  The world is awake.

 This wood thrush is often called the flute because of his distinctive flute like song.

By now the world is alive with the screeches of feeding seagulls.

Hunters and fishermen add the growl of their boat motors to the cacophony.  Shortly the sounds of shotguns join the choir like a bass drum in a band.  I ignore it, but Momma turns toward the sound of the shots.  I can read minds.  I know what she’s thinking…she’s hoping the ducks and geese that take refuge here are safe. 

There is no hunting on our point or in our cove because this is a wildlife refuge and baited area. It is posted as such by the state.  However, unlike your faithful friend, wildlife cannot be controlled by voice or fence…birds have wings and can unwittingly stray into areas where hunters lay in wait. 

Soon the sun will be shining on the land.  Time for breakfast!  See y’all later….

Y’all come back now,

Hawk aka BrownDog



  1. What a wonderful way to start the day in what sounds like a wonderful world. We too enjoy nature and all it's sounds.

  2. We don't get that now that we like in LA instead of Alaska!


  3. Thank you for the wonderful nature tour. I'll have to head out now to look for our ducks and geese.

  4. We loved hearing about your morning walk and seeing the pictures! We have a lot of very exotic birds, ducks and geese here in Florida, and we love walking and being able to look at them!

  5. That sounds lovely! We just have crows and finches...

  6. Sage loves to go out and listen to the morning sounds too! It's a special kind of music.

  7. I live a few miles from a great blue heron nesting area and really enjoyed your photos, thanks to the blog hop.

  8. You're not helping my spring fever! Beautiful post and lovely pics... sigh! We just have white stuff here, hard for the critters to get around in. Lots of birds at the feeders though. - Janet from

  9. It was great fun sharing your morning routine. Tanner was drooling over the duck and birds. The irony is that Oliver is more about the humans walking past as we get out in the early morning. Lots of folks in my area walk early because of the hot Florida weather. That's Oliver's favorite time to meet new friends of the human kind. Great post!

  10. Wow! I want to wake up where you live! I know Daisy and Jasper would love it too! The pictures were lovely. I so love walking in nature at dawn don't you? We have a large wooded dog park and we often see deer and raccoons and sometimes coyotes. Lately, we've been seeing Bald-Headed Eagles. So far that's been one of my favorites. Such amazingly large and majestic birds!

    Stopping by on the hop!

  11. Ah, country world. I'm dog sitting a couple of high-strung suburban pooches and they're currently barking at ... the wind. Oy. Your morning tour was a nice respite. Thanks, Hawk!

    -Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

  12. What a great place to explore! Today Doodlebug and I slept in together, snuggling down in the bed while the spouse took care of the cranky cats. It was heavenly.

  13. Great pikhs!

    My human does THAT to me!

    The wakerupperthing goes off 5:15 - of khourse, I'm HOURS away from wanting to be up!


  14. I love the early mornings too, Hawk, but we don't have so many interesting birds at this time of year. My favorite bird song is the Hermit Thrush song but we hear it only from May through July. Do your wood thrushes sing now?

    Thanks for your story of the world waking up. I felt like I was there with you.