Thursday, February 3, 2011


Hi Y’all, 

This week I’d like to take a minute to introduce you to a very special lady named MabelAnd now I’ll turn this post over to her to tell her story. 


I’d like to tell you my story.  Once upon a time, not so very long ago, I had a happy home and a family of my own.  I had 3 little children I adored and looked after. 

Suddenly I was left with strangers who had little patience and took me back to my family the next day.  I was SO HAPPY to be home!   Then they left me here with these strangers and their very hostile dog. Although the other dog is okay, I guess. 

My family told me they had to go a long, long way away to live and that we’d have to be separated a long, long time.  They said that I’d have to stay in a kennel all that time and that the weather was really, really hot and humid.  They told me I’d be much happier staying here with these strangers.

I’m old now, 13 human years I think, and just like lazing around

MABEL (courtesy posting): Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Dog; Stamford, CT

and going on walks with my children…but I’ll never see them ever again. 

‘Cause of the mean dog, I get to go to work with the stranger man and to a nursing home to visit a lady older than me. 

My family left all my vet records with this strange family.  I like them and they like me but I can’t stay ‘cause of the mean dog. 

I’m lookin’ for a home with a family or as a companion if your older, like me.  I love other dogs, so another dog is fine.  I don’t know about cats…I’ve never met a cat. 

Thanks, Mabel, for telling us about yourself. 

Mabel has all her shots, is house trained and spayed.  If you know anyone who needs a loving head to caress or a companion with whom to share a walk…or if you would be able to share your home with Mabel please visit her Petfinder page HERE and contact Leslie Hines at

Thanks y’all for listening,

Hawk aka BrownDog



  1. Mable sounds like a very nice dog. I hope she finds a nice home. I'm sorry about the mean dog that's mean to her. Maybe the strange family could consult and animal behaviorist. I was mean to my Daddy when I was first adopted. Now I stick to him like glue and I don't know what squirrel was in my head to be so mean to him. I dont' know. I wish Mabel and YOU all the best. You're so nice to give Mabel some blog time.

    Your pal, Opie

  2. Oh Mable, we are sorry that you are having a rough patch. Our Annie is 13 years old & we can't imagine her going through what you have had to. We will pray that you find a perfect home soon.

  3. That is so sad, Mabel! You are a strong doggie to be dealing with all of this. We hope you find a great home soon. You deserve it!

  4. Oh, how sad. We so hope Mabel gets her own home soon with lots of love and no mean dog.