Friday, July 8, 2011

A Fine Fun Friday


Hi Y’all!

Another week…gone…so fast…too fast…It’s Friday morning, already.

The birds are singing. (tricolor blackbird)

(immature Cardinal)

I’m very patient as I wait for my Human to forget about the birds and remember me.

Hmmm.  Maybe if I sneaked on down and dropped my toy in the wetland…

Y’all come back now!



  1. We came to see YOU, Hawk!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  2. Looks so peaceful where you are! You are so goes too fast. Miss Stella and Sadie Lou love the toy you have. They tend to grab each end and play sight to see! : )

  3. It really must be gorgeous living on a bird sanctuary. I can't imagine the lush greens and trees that surround you. While I could do without the gators and snakes, it must such fun to enjoy so much of nature in your own backyard.

    Hawk...what are you doing?? :)

  4. Time sure has been flying!


  5. Love the wonderful pics. Thanks for stopping by our blog.

  6. What a beautiful place you live in! Jam would love to romp around with you. 8-)

  7. Gorgeous photos as always! You really do live in a beautiful location. :)

  8. That looks like a fun Kong toy! Tomorrow we might get to go to PetSmart. It's a long ride from our house so we don't get to go there often. Anyway, we'll have to keep our eyes open for one like yours!!

    Boondocks and The Love Shack Pack

  9. We knew when you said that you weren't allowed to take your toy down the pier anymore that just couldn't be right. Glad you found the Chessie way around

    the 2 brown dawgs

  10. Well, those are pretty birds and I bet they have pretty songs, too, Hawk. Maybe you should sing next time. :) No one likes to fish toys out of water. :)