Monday, July 18, 2011

More Questions Answered

Hi Y’all!
First, before I tell you the news, let me apologize for the delayed post.  I've been having trouble with blogger and a 400 error code.  While I try to figure it out let me answer The Thundering Herds’ question. They asked when I was comin’ “up to our cool airs”. The answer is one not even the Humans know. They were talkin’ about this week, but now they’re sayin’ it’ll be too hot to be travelin’ this week.
Second, K’s Human wants to know if I chase the Roomba. Sigh, no…I try to play but the Roomba isn’t much fun. I just haven’t figured it out. It doesn’t have much body language. It runs all willy nilly then goes and sits in a corner. I’ve found I can nudge it hard and get it goin’ again but it usually just goes right back into its corner.

In the meantime, the boat is back!

I gave it a complete and thorough inspection.
Y’all come back now!


  1. The blogger 400 code only comes on when you are under quota on treats. If the humans will give you double treats for a day or two, you may catch up and the 400 error will stop bugging you. We had that and after a couple of days of additional treats, it went away and blogger works fine now.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  2. You did a great job with the boat inspection. Now, you need to tell your hu-family that you need to give it a paws-on inspection, so get out on that water! Stay cool and have fun!

  3. An evening boat ride seems like a good idea to me! Stay cool!

  4. It is a good thing your humans have you to inspect the boat Hawk! Try to stay cool.

  5. I can imagine that the Roomba would be confusing because it has no body language at all! However, I'm visualizing R "playing" with the Roomba all day long, never giving up on it!!!!!

    Love the boat!

  6. Yaaaay, welcome home boat! We hate that Roomba thing. It's evil. So we pushed it down the stairs and killed it.

  7. Now that the boat's back, Hawk maybe you all can drive it out to the gator and give him directions to a spot of water he'd like better so you can take a swim!