Thursday, July 21, 2011



Howdy Folks,


I’m Leslie.  See my wavy hair…it’s all natural!  No perm for this girl!

My family moved away and left me behind.  I’m here at the Copper Country Humane Society in Houghton,  Michigan.

When I first came to stay here, I didn’t know anyone and I was very lonely.  It wasn’t long, however, before I put my networking skills to use. I quickly let everyone know that I am really a sweetie.

I love most retriever stuff, like retrieving, swimming and long walks.  Don’t worry about me with your family or family dogs because I can adjust quickly.   Please let me come be a member of your family…

Slurps and wags,


P.S. My phone number is 906-487-9560 or email me at



  1. We hope Leslie finds a good home!

  2. Keeping our paws crossed that lovely Leslie soon finds her forever home. :)

  3. Good luck finding your forever home quickly.

    -Bailey & Katy