Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday, Monday…Already! Q & A Time!


Hi Y’all! 

Sigh.  The rain really didn’t help the drought much.  We are still in severe drought that has lasted for several years now. 

Typical for summer in these parts, it only gets HOTTER and more HUMID after a storm.  Sigh…

24 Paws of Love asked about the wet tree. 


It’s one of many different kinds of cypress we have.  The ones in the wetland have quite large knees. 

24 Paws also made an earlier comment (July 9th)about my Humans opening “soggy mail”.  I’ll have y’all know, I don’t make the mail soggy, nor do I chew on it!  There is no slobber on items when I’m working.

Whew!  Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest! 

Boondocks the wonder dog liked the toy I was thinking of dropping off the pier again. 

I used to be able to read it and it said AeroDog.  The balls on the ends had squeakers that no longer squeak or even squawk.  It was a gift, so I really only know that it’s a favorite of mine.

Then I had a comment from Jam’s raiser, only the first time she commented, I didn’t realize who it was.  Jam’s a puppy now, so if you want to watch him grow and learn from start to leaving for advanced training, start followin’ now.  These pups and their raisers are amazing. 



  1. I know how you feel about the slobber thing. I taught Zachary to unload the drier, and the first thing folks would ask is if my laundry came out slobbered on.

    Geez... Humans. Huff! :)

    (Still the think mail thing is cool)

  2. Of course you wouldn't dare slobber on the mail!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! You look like a cool pup! We'll study up on your blog and find out more about your adventures.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  4. Mom never lets us near the mail so how could we be responsible for it getting wet?

    We hope you get rain soon so the drought will end.

    -Bailey & Katy

  5. I totally understand the drought isse living in southern california; however, our draught is finally over (we had lots of rain this winter). Its nice a sunny and warm here. I learned to swim last week so I spent all weekend in the pool...Yeah....Have a great week.


  6. So do the bugs multiply after a rain storm like they do around here? We swear the rain also makes them grow bigger.

  7. The drought is becoming quite miserable, isn't it...we're doing rain dances in Texas! BTW - kudos to your pack for keeping you so fit and trim!

  8. My husband just peeked over my shoulder and exclaimed "Who is that handsome brown dog?"!

    No slobber??? I'm impressed.