Thursday, July 14, 2011

Left Behind!


Hi Y’all,

I’m Dina.  I had a best bud.  We were both homeless.  We got picked up for vagrancy. 

My best bud got lucky and found her forever home.  I’m still waiting for my perfect someone.

You can click here, or on my name or picture at any time to go to my Petfinder page.

They tell me that in people years I’m about a year and one half old.  They think I’m probably a Lab and Chessie cross.  I never knew my father and I was too little to remember much about my mother except her warmth. 

I’m about 21 inches tall but only weigh about 39 pounds, kind of small for a Chessie/Lab cross, but who cares?  Right? 

I love men and women and other dogs, even cats.  I’m lookin’ for a nice fenced yard to romp and play. 

I’m house, leash and crate trained.   No messy puppy stuff from me! 

Right now I’m stayin’ at a place in Pacolet, SC called Dreamweaver Farms.  I hope they can weave a dream for me…my dream is for a loving forever home.

If you’re interested in me please contact Carolina Poodle Rescue in Spartanburg, SC by email .  They will not ship me to you.  You must come get me. 





  1. What a pretty girl - I love her smile. Good luck finding your perfect home Dina. I'm sure the right family will find you.

  2. She is so sweet. Breaks my heart...she needs a home.

  3. We are keeping our paws crossed that you find a forever home soon.

    -Katy & Bailey

  4. I am saying a prayer that this beautiful lady will find the loving forever home she deserves!

  5. Oh my gosh: she is very close to me and if I wasn't moving to another continent I would have to scoop her up. She would be the perfect size and I need another girl around here! I hope she finds a new home soon.