Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's Time

Hi Y’all,
It’s time to answer some of your questions!
First, I’ll answer Rumpy (here). Sorry Rumpy, my fan mail comes to my email address browndogcbratlivedotcom.

Regarding my mail service, Bunny (here) asks: You look like a professional mail dog to me! Do they pay you for your services, or is it a volunteer position?
Actually, Bunny, all my mail services are paid. Failure to pay usually results my retrieving the Got it!mail. My favorite treat, and the only one I can have with my allergies, is the only acceptable payment.
Stella (here) over at Just Ramblin is lookin’ for something to carry. Perhaps a basket that is more comfortable than the fruit basket I carry could have its handle padded. My Human doesn’t Carryin' basket to root cellardo much sewing, so that, while it sounds good, really isn’t an option for me.
Let me know what you come up with Stella.
Kari in Vegas (here) wants to know if I can come teach her dogs to deliver the mail. I really, really would love to come teach them. Maybe if I remind my Papa that you’re in Vegas…
Sara (here) wants to know if I get to open any mail…unfortunately no. I’m only allowed to carry the mail.
Finally, I want to thank Ms. ~K over at Dog Daze (here) for telling us that this beautiful flowering marsh bush is called a Buttonbush.

Y’all come back now!

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