Thursday, September 15, 2011

Artemis’ Story


Hello Folks,

May I introduce myself?  My name is Artemis.  I’m very proud that I’m a purebred Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  I’m very proud to be an excellent example of the breed, which is less common than the Goldens or Labradors.  We Chessies have our own special characteristics which make us excellent hunting companions.

My owner never intended to give me up.  Much to my sorrow he was injured in a car accident so needed a new home for me. 

He spent a lot of time working with me and training me.  I love walks and I don’t pull on the lead.  I look up at you when I’m walking.  I like to stay totally focused on my person.

I love to play and retrieve.  Since I'm a happy dog I can always cheer you up. My many expressions and humorous antics will quickly get you laughing out loud. 

If you would love to have a beautifully trained Chessie for a hunting companion or just a playmate or jogging partner, you can contact me here:

Retriever Rescue of Colorado, Denver, CO



  1. Hey Hawk, That Artimus looks like a great dog. We will let some of our friends in Denver know about him.

    Your a good dog, cause you always try to help.

    Have a good day


  2. That must be terribly heartbreaking for his owner - to be injured to the point of having to give up his dog. Obviously by the amount of training he cared about him very much. I sure hope Artemis finds a great home.

  3. Artemis is beautiful. I bet she finds a home very soon.

  4. Artemis is gorgeous. Breaks my heart for his owner. Sounds like an amazing pup (as Chessies are!) and he will get a new home quickly.

  5. What a beautiful dog, and I hope that he finds a wonderful new fur-ever home. It breaks my heart to think of a dog loosing it's human. They must feel so lost!! We will say a little prayer that he's got a new human to love soon!

  6. Hi Hawk, Artemis looks like a great chap, shame he coudn't be your new brother ;-) I hope he finds a furever home soon, his previous Dad must be very upset to part with such a beautiful friend. Dex and Lou xxx

  7. Artemis looks & sounds like he'll make some lucky human a wonderful companion.

  8. Hi there,
    Artemis what a lovely looking and wonderful dog you are.
    I'm so sorry to hear about that human you lived with. Here's hoping that you find a new home and bring much love with you, real soon.
    Penny the Jack Russell dog.