Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Is It Clearing?


Hi Y’all,

I’m so bored! 

Once more I went through some pics we took before the deluge struck and located the early signs of autumn to share with y’all.




























































































This was the sunset we got after some mountain storms and just before the big deluge caught us.

Y’all come back now. 


  1. You sure live in a gorgeous place-lucky!

    Come check out our blog there is an award for you waiting

  2. Beautiful pictures. We also have some early signs of autumn. It was near 100 degrees on Saturday and then on Sunday, I was looking for a coat. It has been Fall-like ever since.

    After the heat of this summer, I am ready for cooler weather.

  3. Yes, Fall is coming, although we are having the hottest day of the summer today! Weird weather. Hopefully you didn't have any damage from all the rain.

  4. those are some gorgeous pictures! i do hope you get to go back outside again soon. no one on the east coast really needs anymore rain right now. :-/

  5. Gorgeous pictures, Hawk! Here in Seattle, we're finally getting our summer! :)

    Amy, Swift, and Kool

  6. We've had chilly autumn weather here for the past 2 days.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  7. Beautiful photos! So hoping you get a break from all the soggy weather back east.

  8. It's so beautiful there. I love *your* signs of autumn but I'm still ignoring ours :)

    We had a deluge today too. It will end soon, I hope!

  9. Gorgeous photos.

    I have seriously had enough rain to last me for a very long time! Can it stop now?

  10. Beautiful signs of the seasons changing, Hawk! Hope your weather clears tomorrow!

    -Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

  11. Living in a place where we're still getting 100+ degree days, feel free to send a little of that rain our way, Hawk :)

  12. Rain? What's that? Been so long I barely remember it. Such lovely green in your picts. :)