Thursday, September 8, 2011

Duke Says Hi!



Hi!  My name is Duke and I’m asking for your help. 

I’m a little down on my luck right now, what with the economy and all…whatever the economy is…

Anyway, I need someone to love who’ll love me back, care for me, feed me and play with me.   I love lots of social stuff.  Presently I’m staying with 3 other dogs and 2 cats and several little children. 

They tell me I’m kind of “goofy”, but take me to some obedience training and I’ll be the best guy you’ll ever meet.  They also tell me I’m about 2 years old in human years and that I’m probably a mix of Chessie and Lab…so you know I’d love to play fetch with you. 

I’m a fairly big fellow weighing about 75lbs but don’t worry about my size.  Look on the couch behind me in the above picture; see the tiny tot!  I love kids. 

Oh, and I like the security of a crate, I’m housebroken, neutered and had all my shots and heartworm negative.  They have me on heartworm and flea/tick preventative too. 

Come by and see me

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  1. Duke is beautiful! I hope he finds a forever home SOON.

  2. What a sweetheart! I almost thought you had Miss Sadie there for a second with Duke's head and ears all perked up in the photo! I hope an adoption happens soon. Someone is going to be one lucky pup owner when they let Duke become a part of their family. : )

  3. We hope Duke finds his forever home soon...he is so good-looking we KNOW he will.

    The momma keeps trying to talk the daddy into another dog aand he keeps saying we are 'full up'. I think she will eventually get her way since Uncle Freddy doesn't even want to live in the house and spends most his hound life outdoors wandering the jungle.

    Sugar the Who

  4. Duke, I would love to keep you if I could! Hope you find a good home soon.

  5. Ah Hawk, you are such a good dog to keep trying to find wonderful homes for our fellow four legs.

    I sure hope Duke finds a great home and I am so glad that you haxe such loving humans who help you.

    Good Days


  6. I certainly hope that Duke finds the loving forever home he deserves....