Friday, September 16, 2011

Fun Friday?


Hi Y’all,

My Human has been spending too much time over at twenty-six-to-life (here)!  So, Kate is running this photo thingy.  Each week you learn more about what to do with your camera to get the picture you want. 

I hear lots of you pawed pals complain about the “flashy thing”.  My Human usually manages to take my picture without the “flashy”.  Usually I like getting my picture taken and even “mug” for it!  However…


Practice “leave it” AND “stand, stay”.  Okay, I can do that…

But for HOW LONG!

Oh, and the pics were week one.  Today started week two out of twelve weeks!  Oh boy!

Oh, yeh, she was supposed to use a “stationary” object.  That’s me! 

Above the backgrounds in focus, but poor ol’ me…I’m just a stationary blur.

Y’all come back now!



  1. Love your photos! This sounds interesting. You should try the Wordpress Sunday Stills Challenges. They are pretty cool too.

  2. I feature on a lot of blurry photos too - but then, as you pointed out kindly on my blog, I am a bit of a speed merchant.

    Naughty to forty in the wink of an eye. I mean, nought to forty.

    Love and licks, Winnie

  3. Great shots....have a fun weekend, my friend!

  4. Thanks so much for the tip on Kate's photo taking series. Seriously, I have to get this camera off the "auto" setting - and doing it one week at a time will be perfect! You're a great friend, Hawk!

  5. I love your photos! That fuzzy fur is gorgeous and those modeling skills are top-notch! You should come over and link up your post so others can check out your supreme handsomeness Hawk!

  6. Great photos. I always forget to turn off or adjust the auto focus so I get a perfectly focused blade of grass and a blurry

  7. Isn't it fun experimenting with your camera! Nice photos of a gorgeous doggy!

    I agree that "stand-stays" are awesome for good dog photos but I think that my dogs get a little sick of doing them!

  8. I think I can count on one hand the number of flash-thing shots I've taken, saving it for when the boys are looking elsewhere (like when they're wrestling in the living room.) :)