Friday, September 28, 2012

Follow Up Friday


Hi Y’all!

Molly the Wally and Goose asked what my song is…I make it up as I go…it depends on where I am and what I’m seeing and what the weather is like…I never seem to sing the same thing twice or to the same tune.

Jodi at Heart Like a Dog asked if I needed stitches.  No I didn’t but my Human is hoping I don’t get a scar.

Dogs n Pawz asked what my Humans were thinking when my head got caught in the door…I can tell you my Human thought I’d gone back for my toy.  The accident just proves how fast I am.

Flea wanted to know if the scent I was checking out was something that might spray my face and freak out my Human.

As y’all know now, the scent was a BIG cat…so no it isn’t going to spray me. 

Dakota’s Den was havin’ problems with some comments, including mine, going to spam.  I’ve had the same problem, but I’ve learned to double check spam.  They still sometimes end up getting posted late ‘cause I don’t check it every day.

Last Friday I missed answering part of Sugar’s question.  Sugar wanted to know where exactly I go to see all these really cool animals…

Where we live is very rural and there are lots of cool critters everywhere.  There are also some not so cool ones like, black bears, coyotes wild boars (pigs with tusks)and panthers that scream like a woman…sorry my Human!…

Finally, Dogs n Pawz wanted to know why my Human took a picture of my back end…

When I’m off lead I’m usually several yards in front on the trail…so my Human sees lots of my tail.   The pictures come in handy for me when I want to signal “the end”.

Y’all come back now!





  1. Woof! Woof! Golden Thanks for the answer. Our temporary home is located upcountry side and many consider it as rural. You are lucky you get to roam around off leash. Mom is not comfortable me being off leash cause of my allergies and hers too. Happy Friday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. Great photos!

    We love our free-run every day too!

    Have a great weekend
    Clive & Co

  3. Love your tail signalling the end. Nice one. Have a fabulous Friday Hawk.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Great follow up Hawk! That picture of you in all that greenery is gorgeous! We love your butt at the end of all your posts!

  5. Well.... I love your butt, Hawk! Tell your human to visit Talking Dogs blog today and pick up your One Lovely Blog Award :-)

  6. As always we love coming here on Friday. Great info and beautiful photos, even your rear end gets two paws up. Have a great weekend Hawk. And stay away from screaming big cats.

  7. We think back-end pictures are just as good as fronts. :)

    the brown dawgs

  8. The area you live in sounds wild but fun! Maybe a little bit dangerous, but being careful really helps with that.

  9. Well, I think your 'the end' picture is great! It's very appropriate for us doggers....