Friday, September 7, 2012

Q and A Day


Hi Y’all!

It seems that 2 browndawgs (now 3) and Heart Like a Dog call Q & A Friday, “Follow Up Friday”.  Has a much better ring to you, don’t y’all think?  

Time again to answer all your questions!

Like the one I asked in Wordless Wednesday…movin’ or standin?” prompted the question from Flea, Blueberry’s human and Sage…something interesting in your mouth?  What is it? 

I know I’m movin’ ‘cause my tab lead is swingin’…but the “thing” in my mouth is an optical illusion…it is a leaf on that weed…it’s hot and I’m sort of pantin’, but I’m not carrying anything.  Sorry to disappoint y’all. 

Sue at For the Love of a Dog Jewelry wants to know what I have my eye on…it’s the water bottle!

In the meantime, sweet Dakota and Dakota’s mom pointed out to me that there was no “follow by email” option on my sidebar…that problem has been remedied…see I do listen! 

I want to thank Val from My Girlz Got Paws for the Frosty Paws suggestion for my sore mouth!  Winner!!!

Kirsten said Lamar has a growth on his eyelid too.  Their vet is watching it.  They watched mine for a bit too, but then it started growing FAST!  and really was irritating.  The hospital moved my surgery up more than a month for that reason.  

Another funny thing happened…the dentist gave my Human the tooth they extracted.  It seems that if you put the tooth under a pillow the tooth fairy comes and leaves TREATS!!! YES!!! YUM!!!  It happens for real!!!

Time to be off!

Y’all come back now!





  1. MOM still has a tooth the doctor removed. I think Iwill have to put it under my pillow.

  2. Bummer about the tooth, hope everything is feeling fine soon.

  3. What? There's a doggie tooth fairy? That's awesome! Hope you got some really yummy (but soft) treats!! I like your Q & A session!

  4. We hope you peeps doesn't have any oochies after having the toothie removed? Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Haha - I didn't know the tooth fairy would take canine teeth too! That's pretty cool!

  6. That's very interesting about the eyelid thing--that it grew so fast. Lamar's has been the same for a couple years now. But it does irritate him I think--probably time to get it removed too.

  7. TREATS! That's our favorite word!!

  8. YAY!!! We are so happy that you added the "follow by email" option!! Yay!!!!!!!!! This is Dakota's Mom but it is showing up as our name from our other blog! We have too many purrsonalities!

  9. We didn't know about the treats for tooth thing...thanks for telling us.

    Great Q&A. :)

    the brown dawgs