Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thoughtfully Thoughtless Barks, No Bytes



Hi Y’all!




Today I’m joining Thursday’s Barks and Bytes Blog Hop hosted by 2 Brown Dawgs and Heart Like a Dog.

I’m also linkin’ up with Ruskus the Eskie in Thoughtless Thursday.

Jumping back to last Thursday’s Barks and Bytes…


Jenna,Mark Drady said...

Hmmm.....what kind of bird is that brown one in the last few photos? I have never seen a bird like him before! Interesting! I was wondering what the heck that sepia photo was. I knew it was some sort of heron, but the way the feather was poking out, I thought maybe it was some sort of plastic decoy type bird or something.
Thanks for linking up with Ruckus and I for thoughtless Thursday!
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The brown bird is a Brown Thrasher.  They have a longer tail and beak than the Wood Thrush.  They are usually found from the plains states east and from Canada south the Florida.  They usually only winter here and breed from the Appalachians north.  We don’t see many of them this late in the year.


Dolly theDoxie said...

Mom is totally impressed that she got the heron right. Not too sure about the rhino think, maybe a horse head through a fence? Love Dolly



Now you’ve got me totally confused…rhino?  horse head?  hmmm…


About last Friday’s post, fit as a fiddle

Amy Boyer said...

So right, in the afternoon it's siestas on the cool tile floor, so morning walks. This week it's become quite cool though, but it won't last will it? Love love love your lilies!

easyweimaraner said...

oh that's that what they mean in that song "summertime and the living is easy" right? Have a super fit friday and have a cool drink :o)





Yep, we’re in the midst of those lazy hazy crazy days of summer…As the heat rises inexorably through the 90’s the lazy part sets in. Summer comes early in the southeast. 

Cooling off in the water is now a “no no”…the alligators and snakes make my Human call me back if I try to go swimming. 

About Sepia Saturday’s post

easyweimaraner said...

I never saw a heron for real, they look majestic :o) btw: that's just a feather on his back, right? Have a great saturday!


Janet Keefe said...

Good shot! Is he getting ready to take off? I think you and that bird must be best buds, Hawk, because he's been hanging around a lot! :)
Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets


This fellow is the same fellow as…



When he spied us he flew over to the neighbors pier.  My Human caught him closing his wing just after he landed. 


About Black and White Sunday’s post

Taryn said...

Is that a heron or an egret? Beautiful either way!

nodogaboutit said...

Incredible. Is that a Blue Heron? Great shot!



It’s kind of hard to tell what bird it is if it’s black and white, isn’t it…






This big fellow is a Great Blue Heron. 

Below is a late winter photo of me on the pier…and then a photo of the heron on the pier but from a different angle…







Murray's Mouth said...

Looks like the real "Big Bird"!

Great Blues are about 4 feet tall with about a 6 foot wing spread.


Normal or Strange brought this question…

Flea said...

What an interesting bird! What on earth is it? Some kind of heron?



This fellow is an Anhinga.  It is similar to the Cormorant in appearance.  The biggest difference is the bill and the way they fish.  The Anhinga spears its fish.

These birds are common world wide where the waters are warmer.  Their feathers are not waterproof, so usually you only see the neck and head above water.  They regularly come out and spread their wings in order to dry them.



The Anhinga has a longer neck than the Cormorant and is sometimes called “snakebird”. 



Y’all hurry back now!








  1. When my husband lived on the lake, he took me to grove of Cypress trees where egrets nested. There were egrets on almost every limb of every tree. It was absolutely one of the coolest and scariest thing I've ever seen. Of course, it was 34 years ago & we didn't have cell phone cameras or anything to take photos. They are really wonderful birds. Your photos are fabulous!

  2. Drats no swimming Hawk. What a bummer but we sure understand why. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Thanks so much for joining the hop. I guess the Brown Thrasher figured out that up north we were having a late Spring. :) You can come back now little birdie. It is warm and green here now. :)

  4. Every time you bring up the alligators and the snakes Mom finds a reason to enjoy the snows here in New England.

  5. you could swim in my big pond, there are no snakies or gators. Are the gators and the snakes there for the whole summer? Mom misread the brown thrasher, she read "trasher" and asked my dad what kind of bird it is... oh we call her "the blonde trasher" for buying useless things :o)

  6. Firstly, thanks for linking up with us for Thoughtless Thursday!
    Next, thanks for answering my question :) You sure do get a ton of great bird shots! We see Herons down here, by only ever from a distance! SO it was super cool to see the colors so up close like that!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  7. Great recap Hawk!! Thanks for joining the blog hop.

    I've said it once and I'll say it again, you get some amazing photos!!

  8. Great follow up. I just love that last picture of the baby geese, I love out it turned out and how it almost shimmers.

  9. We just love your pictures Hawk, those baby geese are adorable!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty and Bilbo