Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday’s Follow Up and Finding Beauty


Hi Y’all!



It’s time to check out the beauty of Nature.  Time to follow up and wrap up our week and get ready for a busy weekend! 

Going back a week ago…Sue said “maybe you were thinking about spring?” 


Yes, I’d left late spring, early summer behind in the low country and come to observe the struggle to welcome spring into the high country.  The tulips were a cheery sign in our dining room.


Molly wanted to know if I found any good scents…


Oh yes!!!  Turkey are frequent visitors…sometimes deer or bear…Sometimes I pick up scents I don’t recognize…We also have bobcats and coyotes, though I’ve never seen them…My Humans don’t know of any nearby neighbors sighting either of them. Of course we have the occasional squirrels and chipmunks. 

SlimDoggy says “Uh-oh...ducks + retrievers = trouble?”  No Dog About It thought I would want to chase.


Actually, since I find the water fowl and birds for my Human to photograph, I know better than to chase them…See retrievers have to learn to “honor” as do competitive obedience or agility dogs.  We learn never to go to “retrieve” until released and commanded to bring back whatever. 


The only mischief was that I tried to wade out with my tennis ball to the little ducklings.  I thought maybe they’d like to play…I returned as soon as my Human whistled.


As you can see in the picture of the ducks above, one of the papa ducks wasn’t pleased with me.

Goose asked me “isn’t it great and serene to watch life happen?”


Oh Goose, God gave us everything we need to be happy. The only thing we have to do is enjoy and appreciate it.

It’s time to stop, take a quiet moment and appreciate the beauty around us.


My Blogville friend from “lil’ ol’  England”, Penny, told me that duck is a form of endearment there…like:  “are you alright, duck?”

Goose wanted to know how come the Human Papa didn’t have to clean the floor…after I messed it up with the bone he’d given me.  Thunder and crew of the 2 browndawgs  said “what’s a dirty floor with such a snack to be had!” 

















First, I agree with the brown dawgs…Second, I guess it never occurred to my Human Mama to ask my Human Papa to clean the floor…

Riley’s mom said “you left little pieces of meat on the floor?”  She said Riley and company would lick the floor clean!  


Guess I have a lot to learn about eatin’ bones.

Sam wants to know if the flowering tree is a Lady Bankshire rose. 


I’m afraid not…it isn’t even a rose…but these are Lady Bankshires…


Heart Like a Dog asked “it’s so beautiful, it’s worth the wait isn’t it?


Y’all come back now.







  1. Love all those pictures! Especially the little ducklings. Great follow-up!

    Have a great weekend!

    Elyse and Riley

  2. What a beautiful follow-up Hawk, I just love your pictures and the area that you live in (both the hi and low lands) you are a very lucky boy!!

    Thanks for joining the hop!!

  3. Well, you certainly found beautiful. Those pictures captured life and nature and sheer beauty.

    Thanks for seeing beautiful with us!

    Lydia @ See Beautiful

  4. Great Q&A Hawk. Yep duck, ducky and all kinds of play on the word is a form of affection over here. Thus have a fabulous Friday Me Ducks.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Woof! Woof! You See many Beauty on your adventures. Happy Friday Seeing Beauty. Golden Thanks for joining our hop and hope you can join us next month on our 1 year This Moment See Beautiful Hop Anniversary. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  6. I sometimes miss posts and catching up on Friday is fun :-) Lovely flowers and Hawk - I thought it was very generous to try and offer the ducklings your ball ;-)

  7. Absolutely fabulous photos! Have a great weekend!

  8. Hawk you have captured the essence of beautiful.

  9. So many beautiful photos here today...I love them all but the one of the ducks and the one of the geese are both stunning...Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful weekend

  10. great fuf..i love the drake mallard flapping is wings at you. such a cool photo. the tulip was amazing. have a great weekend

  11. Wow what a busy week. Love the water fowl pictures. Really nice.

  12. Great FUF Hawk!! Love all the beauty in your photos and you are so right God gave us all these magnificent gifts and all we have to do is enjoy :)