Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hot, Hotter, Hottest and Real Life Too


Hi Y’all,

Real life has a way of rearing its head in all our lives.  That’s what’s been going on in my life while y’all have been enjoying some scenes from our Memorial Day weekend. 

My Humans had business that took them to a big southern city that was almost equal distance between the shore and the mountains.  On Wednesday morning we woke up early, long before the first slice of day broke the morning moonless sky.  The temperature was 76 degrees Fahrenheit. 

As we drove the heat rose.  We stopped more frequently than usual.  The Humans kept saying the car needed a chance to rest in the steadily climbing temperatures. 

I picked my head up when I spied another dog courageous enough to venture out with his humans.

Then I spied a beautiful field of daylilies.  


Then we arrived in the city and it was in the high 90’s…so my Human had to wait in the car in the parking garage with me.  She turned my crate fan on and kept starting the car to cool us down, then turning the car off so it wouldn’t over heat.  Papa finally came out an hour earlier than expected. 

Now I could get back to business!

At one stop we found doggie water fountains and more of those pretty yellow daylilies.


I was posing with the daylilies when I spotted…






Sam!  Hey Sam! It’s me!

Only it wasn’t Sam!

Sure looks like Sam.

But this fellow just ignored me! 




Then later we met another dog, but my Human wouldn’t let me meet him.  Maybe ‘cause it was so hot and my Humans wanted to put some distance between us and the unbearable city heat. 

Despite all his hair he didn’t seem to mind the heat too much. 






Then, later, as we got closer to the mountains, we stopped to visit some cows. 






Some of the cows had calves.  They all tried to get in the shade of a couple of lonely trees.


Was I surprised when I saw two Weiners!  Are they from You Did What With Your Weiner? (here) ?

Before I could get my Human to go ask, Papa called and we were off again.

Finally at dusk, which in the mountains falls after 9PM, we arrived!                    

It’s hard to tell in this picture but the flood light is already on.

Well, more tomorrow on real life!



  1. Oh, my, you must have been one very hot dog!! What a cool trip though, so much to see, so many dogs to meet. Thanks for showing us! I especially would have liked to see all those cows under the little trees!

  2. Looks like a beautiful place, but boy, the south can get HOT in the summer. I lived in Louisiana one summer and it was brutal.

  3. I am not in the South right now, but your trip just reminded me what Glacier and I are coming back to. LOL I hope you and your humans traveled safely. :)

  4. I can feel the heat and sloggy tiredness the heat gives you...would trade one day of your 90's for one day of my 10 degree Celsius...I'm all bundled up least there's no humidty... loved those daylilies(edible you know)..and all the doggies you ran into...Cheers and drink loads!

  5. oooh! It sounds like you might be near me in HOTlanta! Stay cool mai pal, sure is hot here! Beautiful pics!
    Your pal,
    Cosmo Havanese (and Diane)

  6. Hope it's cooler in the mountains, Hawk!!

  7. Yeah, it's scorching here. The pix are beautiful. Hearts in Fur Coats

  8. What an adventure Hawk! I hope it is cooler in the mountains. I like the picture of you posing with the daylilies.

  9. Wow - it sounds scorching there! Up here in Canada, I've never been worried about my car shutting down because it's too hot - usually it'll shut down because it's too cold!

  10. Whew... so hot! It's getting that way here too - if only it could be warm without going overboard!