Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Mountain


Hi Y’all,

So far this trip has been a hectic one for the Humans in my life.  I’ve had lots of time to sleep.  I’ve also had so much energy after all my sleep, that when the Humans would arrive home exhausted I was READY!!

While the day heated up into the 80’s Fahrenheit during the early afternoon, the temperature quickly falls into the 60’s and by morning the 50’s. 

But I kept both my Humans busy playing with me.  However, my Human kept checkin’ out the wildflowers!


The mountain laurel on the far right will be in bloom in another week and we’ll be back at the shore and miss it!

This poor daisy is a bit worse for wear.

Below is a larger shot of the wildflowers.






One of my Humans’ favorite mountain flowers is the Flame Azalea, below.




Y’all come back tomorrow for more mountain pictures.









  1. Pretty flowers! Love that Azalea, wish they would grow in my yard, but I don't think I have the right kind of soil for them.

  2. That azalea is beautiful. Of course you are ready to go when your humans are exhausted...we learn that as puppies, no?

  3. Humans have this thing about flowers. Have you ever noticed how grumpy they get when you jump into their flower gardens?

    -Katy & Bailey

  4. We vote for staing in the mountains where it's cool!!

  5. I think you are much more interesting than the flowers!


  6. Oooh - that flame azalea sure is beautiful!

  7. I love your mountain, Hawk!

    Isn't it funny how humans arrive home exhausted and the dogs are ready for action? That's exactly the situation in our house right at this instant.