Friday, June 3, 2011

Just a Few Days Ago!



Hi Y’all!

Just a few days ago I stood here on the beach enjoying the evening breezes.


Notice the tiny blue flowers and the fuzzy heads on the different marsh grasses. 

Behind me, all along the river people were starting to arrive for a long weekend.  But at sunset everyone is pretty much barbecuing or relaxing on their porches.  There are few boats still out and about.

Yes, I love checking the scents along the shore.  This is where my neighbor, Sam, a yellow Lab, and sometimes some of his friends like to leave their pee mail. 


Tomorrow I show you some more of the fantastic sunset we had.  Right now, here comes Papa.  Gotta go!


Y’all come back now!



  1. I can see the sun setting already, the water is glowing in the background. What a beautiful place.

  2. Bailey has regular pee mail checks, too. Katy isn't much interested in connecting. What a great place to walk.

  3. "Pee mail" what a great expression! Thunder is champ at opening Beautiful pictures of Hawk!

  4. You be sure to answer that pee-mail! It's important!

    The water looks soooo inviting!

  5. Love the marsh grasses! You sure know how to find purty spots, Hawk!

  6. Oh Hawk, you are SO DARN HANDSOME! We hope you'll drop by our blog today. We confess that you are one of our blogger friends that came to mind when we posted the invitation :)