Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 2010

Another month has flown, like the birds heading south. The baby birds have grown up and look like their parents, and soon the ones from the north will pass through on the way to their winter homes.

I’ve been doing lots of “stuff”. We took a trip to the low country. It was very, very HOT! All running and playing was done before sun up, or it was too HOT!

This is early morning watching dogs in the neighbors yard.

Above I’m in the garden posing with my flowers.

It’s already too hot and the sun has just reached the top of the garden. I’m waiting while the humans “head the roses”…looks to me like they’re just tearing the flowers off! Humans! Hmmph! Here I check out a rose bush to see if the humans missed pulling off any flowers.

Here I check out the hot peppers.

My balls are falling off the tree! They are getting too soft to play with!

Here I come!!!! Let’s go inside!!!!!

Earlier in August we were in the cool mountains. Here are pictures of the sun shinning while it pours rain. It is common here.

(The white streaks are rain)

Here I am waiting for one of my humans. We were heading back to the waterfront.

You usually hear about the last rose of summer. Here is the last Day Lilly of summer. The roses will continue to bloom until we have a heavy frost.