Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Z is for


Hi Y’all!



Sadly, I have come to the letter Z in the A to Z Challenge…and the end of the month of April…

So I thought I’d have some fun with the letter…and find a word beginning with Z that described ME.  It turned out, that wasn’t as easy as it sounded.

I got side-tracked on zakuska, a snack…P1200075

Next I decided zaftig was not a word I’d want to ever describe me…it means full or rounded figure.

I think zappy might be it…it means lively and entertaining!


Then there is zazzy which means flashy and stylish…


Maybe not…

Then I hit upon zibeline or soft piled wool…no…that sounds more like the hair on a Poodle.

Zoetic means living…I definitely am living! 

Then I ran across zoogonous…and immediately I thought of Storm!!! Yes, Storm from the 2browndawgs! 

What?  Y’all haven’t figured out what it means?  It means giving birth to live offspring!  Last Wordless Wednesday’s post shows all the pups…and the Future Mischief Makers shows Storm with her babies.

Go enjoy…I’m off to have some fun!

P1200043 Y’all come back now!





Monday, April 29, 2013



Hi Y’all!



It’s once more mischief Monday…but the mischief was brought on by  Mother Nature and the Humans! 

Yesterday was a COMPLETE washout!

But the Humans…




You are so right…they used that old excuse “business” to come back up to the mountains.  The GOOD NEWS is, yesterday it was rain NOT snow! 








Y’all come back now!





Saturday, April 27, 2013

X is for


Hi Y’all!



I thought this A to Z Challenge would be a good opportunity for vocabulary improvement…so…I found a word that didn’t apply…xanthic…it means yellow or yellowish…definitely not me!  Now if I was a yellow Lab!  But, I’m not. 


A better word for a yellow Lab is xanthocomic, which means yellow-haired. BOL! 


Then I found the word xanthodont…it means one with yellow teeth…That would give me the opportunity to discuss the importance of proper dental care for pawed ones.  It would also give me the opportunity to use the word X-ray…which is a MUST to find any tooth problems. P1200083

Finally I found the word that applies to me…xenodochial!  Yes, that’s me!  I’m hospitable and kindly to strangers! 


Y’all come back now!








Friday, April 26, 2013

W is for What, Who, When, Where and Why?


Hi Y’all!


W is for “what”…lots of your questions begin with the word “what”…of course let’s not forget who, when, where and why…

Now let’s join Heart Like a Dog and do the Follow Up ‘cause it’s Friday.

We’ll go back to last week this time…and Gwen Gardner said, BrownDog likes to swim, doesn’t he? 

Here I come.

I love to retrieve and swim…heaven is when I get to swim to retrieve.

About the letter R…Goose asks WHAT are you looking at, Hawk?  or is there a gator?  Molly the Wally also asked WHAT I saw.  Molly wanted to know if I saw fish…



Actually, I’m smelling where the trespassers have been sitting.  The Egrets, Great Blue Herons and occasionally some buzzards like to sit on my pier…just checking to see WHO was here.  I do see fish breaking a lot, but I wasn’t paying any attention while I was investigating.

Flea asked why their wasn’t a sarcasm font when she stated “hooray for shedding”.


Gizmo asked if I had to hurry outside after my bath in the dirt and water to get some smells back on me…

What do y’all think?

Sam wants to know if I eat the figs.  He also asked WHAT they are and WHAT we do with them. 


This is one of two different kinds of fig trees we have.  I like to eat the figs that fall off the other tree…it is a different kind.  The figs make great preserves or you can bake with them…like figgy pudding…that’s a great holiday dessert.  Figs are really, really sweet if they are ripe. 

Oz wants to know how I know WHEN the figs are ripe.  Blueberry’s Human wants to know if I eat all the figs and Gizmo wants to know if I have a problem beating the birds to the figs.



When the figs fall off the tree onto the ground, I know they are ripe.  The Humans do have a problem trying to get a ripe fig before the birds eat a hole into them.  The Humans can pick them off the tree.  I eat as many figs as I can before my Human catches me and pulls me away. 

Goose asked me if my being “unique” was a hint of things to come. 


I’ll let y’all be the judge.

Clarissa said “unique is a wonderful quality isn’t it?

I think it is!

Heart Like a Dog wants to know, about my V’s needing homes, WHY and how anyone could abandon such beautiful souls…

Virgo, pictured above.

Vincent and below, Luke Vance

You can check out yesterday’s post or click on a picture or link to go to the individual’s Petfinder page. 

Sometimes our humans have no choice because circumstances conspire against them and they can no longer keep us.  Often we, pawed ones, never know the real story.

Now I must prepare for my weekend!  Have a great one y’all!

P1200004 Y’all come back now!








Thursday, April 25, 2013

V is for Virgo and a Heap a Heap of Burnin’ Love


Hi Y’all!

Virgo is an astronomical sign…at least that is what my Human said…

but I think she’s wrong.  Why?  ‘Cause this is Virgo…

And, this is Virgo too…

Virgo was found at a dump.  He was hungry and thirsty. 

He gets along with other dogs, cats and children.  A very active fellow born around November 2012, he wants an active family.  He likes long walks and big areas to run about.  Because he is young and very active children over the age of 8 would be best. 

Virgo is house trained, crate trained, does well on a leash and comes when called…what more could you want?  To meet Virgo:

A.R.V.S.S., Sun Prairie, WI   Please email • wi.arvssellen@yahoo.com


The letter V also stands for Vincent…all 75 lbs. of him.  Vincent was adopted, but because he is young and active and his person is employed outside the home during the day, he is looking for a home where the person has more time to spend training him and doing active things with him. 

When he was adopted, Vincent had heart worms.  He wasn’t feelin’ well.  So he was a calm lazy fellow.  After treatment, he became an active fellow who easily jumped a four foot fence. 

For more information about Vincent:

Star Bright Animal Rescue, Perry, GA  Telephone: 478-213-4907  or email:  joelncathy@comsouth.net


My last V is Luke Vancea Shepherd Labrador mix.  His foster parents say he thinks he is one of the children and is amazing with them. 

They think he is between 1 and 2 years of age.  He was picked up as a stray and no one claimed him. 

Luke Vance is great with other dogs of all dispositions because of his submissive attitude.  However, he can jump fences so he needs to be watched.  He’ll happily come back. 

Luke Vance doesn’t chew and knows basic commands.  He is also house trained. 

You can contact him at:  Wags Rescue and Referral, Feasterville, PA  The telephone:  267-238-7892  or email:  lovekitte@comcast.net 


All information regarding these adoptable dog was courtesy of Petfinder.com and the respective rescues.







Monday, April 22, 2013

S is for Spring and Sheddin’



Hi Y’all!


Some of y’all may have noticed that as the days get longer the coats get…less dense.  Long days mean lots of sheddin’ for us double coated pawed ones.

A good bath and lots of brushin’ really helps us pawed ones shed out our old itchy coats.


Y’all come back now!







Saturday, April 20, 2013