Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bark Time! I Had Lots of Barks!



Hi Y’all!



I had this question about last Friday’s post “Lots of Fun Ways to Play!”

Jenna,Mark Drady said...

“wow! You do so much fun stuff!!!!
Good for you guys! I wish I could get out a bit more doing things like that with my pack.
Are you guys really swimming this time a year??
Or is that an old photo?
((husky hugz))
Frum our pack at love is being owned by a husky”




Yes, on warm days I get to swim.  When the water gets too warm and the night temperature stays above 50 degrees the alligators are seen more frequently.  During the winter we only see them sunning themselves on warm sunny days.  This time of year my Human figures it’s pretty safe to let me swim.

About my Monday Mischief post “What Mischief Were You Expecting from Me?”

Emma said...

“We have plenty of cold air, shall I send you some? I don't chase my cats, I wrestle with cat bro Bert sometimes but that is all. Bailie chases him around all the time and gets in lots of trouble. You better be careful, sounds like you are on the edge of serious trouble!”


Looks like you’ve already sent that cold air!  Yesterday it rained all day and the temps barely reached 50 Fahrenheit.  Today temps should be back in the 60’s and by Sunday back into the 70’s and stay there for next week. 

About the same post

Oz theTerrier said...

“Well, it sure looks like you are behaving from where I'm standing. Though I must close did you get to that Great Blue Heron? You look pretty darn close. Did he honk and scream the ones I walk up on? BOL
*high paw* for good behavior,


Saved by Dogs said...

“You look pretty close to that heron - did he think you didn't see him?”






Okay, if you follow the strip where the grass has already greened, going straight back, you’ll notice that there is an inlet coming up into the yard.  There are three trees on the right and two on the left.  I was standing on the inlet side of that second tree (farthest away) on the left.


My Human was standing on the other side of that tree, behind me, to take the photo. 


As for the honking and screaming…he’ll fly squawking loudly if I come running or my Humans are as close as I am.  P1320526When my Human stays behind me and we approach quietly, he continues to fish…though I’m sure he has that near eye on us!



About yesterday’s post, “Sharing My World”,

Sam said...

“Do you ever chase the geese?
Monty and Harlow”



My Human doesn’t allow me to chase the geese.  They nest here.  When they are grazing go to another area so we don’t disturb them.  P1320557

Besides, geese can be mean.  In late summer they molt and can’t fly.  You don’t want to be close to them then!  So we practice all the time…sit and watch…at a safe distance.

I also got several questions about the banding of geese…

Oz theTerrier said...

“Hawk, it looks like it is definitely warming up by you! *high paw* You have tagged geese? Who's counting them? BOL
Happy WW,

Roxy the traveling dog said...

“Beautiful geese. Why do they have numbers on their necks?”

Nailah Bone said...

“Wow, that's a big tracking collar! Does that mean you can't hunt that goose?”


Ledfoots Pet Bakery said...

“Never saw a tag so big before. Why is the tag so big?”


Lucky for me this goose has 2 types of bands.  There are many types of bands including neck collars, which this goose is modeling, and the silver leg band, which is the bracelet on the left leg. 


Additionally they use nasal markers, colored leg bands, web tags, patagial (wing) markers and radio/GPS trackers.  We’re familiar with the leg bands, colored and silver, and neck collar.


The white collar indicates this bird is in the Atlantic flyway.  Different colored collars indicate different flyways. 

The purpose of the bands is to track the migration patterns of Canadian geese.  Bands are used on most wild migratory water fowl for the same purpose. 


Researchers like the larger neck collars because they do not have to capture or kill the bird to read the numbers. 

Interesting, the silver leg bands have Laurel, Md. on them because that is the location of the U.S. Geological Survey headquarters, not because the bird was banded in Laurel, Md. 


This area is usually a winter residence for the geese whose huge V shaped flights are a pronouncement of spring and warm weather coming to many from the mid-Atlantic northward. 

However, even this far south there seem to be a small number of locals that stay here year round.  It would appear that 268J has either mated with a local, or just decided to become a local. 

And on that note

Saved by Dogs said...

“Cool - 2689J and partner! (Do you think he'd mind if we called him J for short?)
I'm also wondering, what flowers do you have blooming now? Maybe next time you're out walking you'll happen by one and your humans could get a pic :-) Those of us still in the snow are living early-spring through your eyes and lens!”

and haopee said...

“Who's 268J? Is that a code name for super spy?”



I think “J” is cute and the goose wouldn’t mind at all. 

As for blooms…the ice slowed lots of them down, but in town they have tulip magnolias, weeping cherry, daffodils, pansies and other assorted spring blossoms.  Unfortunately my Human was driving and couldn’t get photos. 

This photo was taken a week ago…


This photo marked the end of January…


Y’all come back now!























Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Emmett Needs You





I’m Emmett.  My owner thought I was too active and surrendered me. 

I’m a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  I need a home that understands that we aren’t Labrador Retrievers with wavy coats.  I want an active home because I’m only 5 years old and still very active.  I need an owner who knows has retriever experience and understands we need jobs to do.  I want an active family who wants a big, about 100 lbs., active, strong and athletic boy. 

I’m currently being fostered with 5 other dogs, including another Chessie.  I promise to peacefully co-exist, just don’t expect me to spend my time playing with the other dogs.  I want to play ball, play ball, play ball!  I like my tennis balls more than food! 

I’m fine with kitty cats and small dogs too. 



I walk nicely with an Easy Walk harness. 

On my wish list is a loving home with a swimming pool or waterfront that understands Chessies.  They tell me that swimming would help deplete some of the energy I have.  I’m middle aged and they think swimming will keep my joints and body fit without the pounding of running. 

I’d just love a home with a Chessie family! 



More About Emmett-UT

• House trained • Spayed/Neutered

Labradors and Friends Dog Rescue Group
2307 Fenton Parkway #107-160
San Diego, CA 92108
Phone: 619-990-7455


(All photos and information courtesy of and Labradors and Friends Dog Rescue Group)













Monday, February 24, 2014

What Mischief Were You Expecting from Me?


Hi Y’all!



What were y’all expecting?  Hmmmm?

I stopped and pointed out the Great Blue Heron so my Human could get a photo…no mischief there…


Then I played with one of my toys…no mischief there…



Too warm for weather mischief too.  My Humans had the air conditioning on in the house.



Ever since the “kitty chase” I’ve been minding my “p’s and q’s”.  Why? because my Human said she’ll make me wear a check cord again if I misbehave once more. 



I certainly don’t want to have to drag a check cord around again! 



Y’all come back now!


















Friday, February 21, 2014

Lots of Fun Ways to Play!


Hi Y’all!



Over the last few weeks I’ve been showing different ways to play “hide and seek”. 


Hiding a treat with my bumper and then getting another treat when I put the bumper in my Human’s hand. 

Great fun on a hot day is to find the bumper floatin’ in the water!










Favorite toys hiding in trees…








Finding and returning multiple bumpers and a favorite toy.


And finally!

My Humans favorite game to keep me on my toes…find the Human!







Found you!



And that’s how I play hide and seek!



Y’all come back now!