Thursday, February 28, 2013

Help Needed


Meet inmate number 1017490 in Brooksville, Florida.

He is listed as a Chesapeak Bay Retriever mix.  He needs your help… 

The following are now included in the adoption fee at no extra charge: spay or neuter, 1-yr rabies vaccination, 4-in-1 vaccine, and general deworming with Strongid-T. If you are a Hernando County resident, you will also receive a free one-year Hernando County Animal License..

You can contact this inmate at Hernando County Animal Services, Brooksville, FL • telephone:  352-796-5062 • email:

1017490's Contact Info

Hernando County Animal Services, Brooksville, FL


All pictures and information are courtesy of and Hernando County Animal Services




Friday, February 22, 2013

Follow Up Friday February 22, 2013


Hi Y’all,


It’s time for Follow Up Friday, time to link up with Heart Like a Dog and time to answer you questions.  Why don’t you hop on over to Heart Like a Dog and join us! 

Last Follow Up Friday Heart Like a Dog asked if I wouldn’t prefer swimming when it is warmer? 


Actually, it isn’t that cold here.  Remember, I’m a Chessie.  I was bred to work in the icy waters of the Chesapeake Bay.  Most days are quite warm and the water isn’t all that cold.  Before the spring rains and run off from melting snows to the west and north of us, the water is not even refreshing. 

No Dog About It asked “did you get it?”  Sunday’s post was the Simple Life.



I leave the birds alone.  Retrievers learn to wait until they are commanded to go get the downed bird.  So it was easy for me to learn to wait while the Human takes her pictures.  Generally I tend to ignore birds.


The American Dog blog asks why people have to complicate things so much? 

Oh my!  I can’t answer that one! 


On Keep ‘em Hoppin’  Goose asks, “so your Human does not like it when you help?



Oh yes, my Human loves it when I HELP!  It’s when I start helping by doing stuff that isn’t helpful.  Chessies are a breed that likes to think for themselves and solve problems on their own…which is a GOOD thing…though some think we’re just being stubborn…Sometimes the solution we come up with isn’t the best one for the humans.

Heart Like a Dog asked, “couldn’t she see you were just trying to help? 

Oh, she knows I’m only tryin’ to help.  I never get punished for bringin’ stuff…not even the time I took her eye glasses off the table and presented them to her at the door…’course the lens was out, but what did I know?  She just takes the stuff, puts it back tells me to leave it and then sends me to lay down.

On Sights Outside My Window, Goose asks “isn’t bird watching calming?




It is definitely entertaining!

BichonPawz wants to know if I am riding in a golf cart!



You bet I am!  My very own golf cart! 

About Thoughtful Reflections Sage wanted to know if I was standing on my head! Oz the Terrier wanted to know if I was having an upside down day? 


BOL!  I never stand on my head…but at times it does seem like the world is upside down…but whose to say if what is upside down isn’t really right side up! 

Oz also wanted to know what it was with the geese…Seems they are mean to him…

The geese know they are safe on the water and they know I won’t chase them.  They’ve never been mean to me, but we respect each other.  It’s probably mostly cause my Human is always with me and teaches me proper etiquette around wildlife.

Gee Golly!  I’m out of time…gotta go now!


Y’all come back now!






Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lilly a Flower of Spring…Bring Her Into Your Life


Hello, my name is Lilly! 



I am a very timid and shy Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  Don’t worry, once I get to know you I’ll warm up to you and be very affectionate.

I like other dogs, cats and children. 

I’m a pretty calm girl…I am not possessive or aggressive about my food or toys.  However, I do love to be active.  I love playing fetch!

I know basic obedience commands and how to behave in a house.  Sometimes though, if I get really nervous, I have a little accident. 

My one wish in life is a family to love me and help me come out of my shell…take me to school to learn more.  Maybe even teach me tricks.  Take me places to help me overcome my shyness…you know, like Shyla and KB do. 

Please come by and meet me…I promise to charm you with my sweetness…if you give me a chance I’m sure you’ll want to take me HOME!!! 

Oh, yes, where to meet me…Eastern Shore Animal League, Chesapeake City, MD.  My telephone number is 410-398-9555 or 410-885-2687.  If you prefer you can email me via:


photos and Lilly’s Story courtesy of Eastern Shore Animal League and Petfinder.



Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sights Outside My Window


Hi Y’all


Lots of birds this time of year…they’re headin’ your way!  Let me introduce you to some…

Huge flocks of red wing blackbirds and regular blackbirds pass through spring and fall.


These mockingbirds are always around.


Cardinals are believed to mate for life.  The male helps with the “child rearing”.  These birds are festinating to watch when the babies fledge.


Are you talking about me?


Then there is this one…




Y’all come back now!