Monday, September 14, 2009

Read all about it!

I've been very busy updating my Journal at I found out those strong smells are a mama bear and cub living atop the ridge behind our house. Check out my journal, I have several days of updates. Hugs, Hawk

Friday, September 11, 2009

Too Busy to Write!!!!!!!!!!

Wow...been too busy to write!! Walkin' and playin'!!

Monday was a human's holiday. They call it Labor Day??? Whatever! The humans had guests over...all dog people! Great fun!!! They even played with me!!! Whoopie!!!

Tuesday we went to the next town. It poured rain, but we squeezed in a walk in the park on the return trip!!! Ride and walk!!! My favorite thing!!

Wednesday we did our walk along the creek and played with my AirDog toy. My favorite thing!!

Thursday was another walk in the park and played again!!! There was a ride across the mountain. The Mountain Ash is heavy with berries.

Friday, today, was back to the creek for a nice walk then the humans left me home to go off and celebrate my human mom's birthday... But I didn't mind...I was ready to sleep the afternoon away after all the excitement, hustle and bustle of the week!!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Good days and bad. Hmmph!

Thursday was a great day! Got to go walk along the creek and play Frisbee. The day was perfect. The weather cool for this time of year.
Yesterday I was happy to stay home while the humans did whatever humans do when they leave and don't take us. My human mom baked after lunch, so I figured they'd be going somewhere without me and delivering goodies.
But later in the evening 2 of my favorite human friends came home with them. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself...It's tough when you weigh a hundred pounds to get excited and not knock somebody down!
After paying me lots of attention I was satisfied with my stuffed Kong and they went to the dining room to sample the baking mom had done. My Kong was finished first, so I decided to join them. But I couldn't help myself, instead of laying quietly like I'm supposed to do, I leaned against the man friend, who's a softy for dogs and started getting my ears rubbed. Dad gave Mom "the look" and Mom called me away and told me to lay down. I did, but I started barking at her, trying to tell her the man liked scratching my ears. She told me SHhhh! I kept barking. Soooo, she sends me to my room (my crate) and shuts the door!
I didn't get to come out until my human friends had gone home!
Was that fair????

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Busy, busy month!!!!!

Hi Y'all! Woof woof, bow wow...!!! First chance I've had to write in awhile.

We had the annual big family get together and of course house guests! Out of town family was here...what fun! and lots of people "popping" in and out!!!

On Wednesday after the big get together (it lasts several days) we took our Colorado house guest back to the airport. She went back to her home and we went on east.

I was worn out from a week of trying to cheer her up after her recent Chessie cousin in Colorado was hers. I was sorry to drop her off to go home to her empty house. I think I really cheered her up when she was here. I hope, anyway.

We only stayed at the house at the water a little more than a week because it was too hot after the cool mountain temps. The humans had to get "stuff" taken care of before we could get back to the cool.

Back up here in the mountains it is 69 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny. We had quite a rain last night.

This morning I was so excited to get a BIG walk in town. I had to get the humans up early and keep them up to get my time in with them before church.

Lazing around this afternoon with cool breezes blowing in the windows. The sounds of crickets and birds blend with the rushing noise of the creek.

Woof! Bowwow! Have a great day y'all!!! Hawk

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Talking, Barking...Humans! Go Figure!

Barking, talking...why is it that humans can talk all they want, but the get annoyed when we try to answer...We can only bark. Don't they realize that our tongues and noses are shaped differently and won't allow us to shape them to form words humans can understand? We try our best to explain what we need and want! Humans always expect us to understand them! They talk to us! GRRRRRRRRRRR

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How strict is your human?


My human Mom is SOOOOO STRICT!!!!

She makes me ride in the BIG car, in my crate when we travel. I only get to ride in the people mobile, where my crate won't fit, when we are going on a short, slow ride to the mountain or town.

She makes me ride SITTING in the people mobile! My human dad wants to let me put my head out. He says he's going slow and it won't hurt me. Mom makes me sit and only lets me put my NOSE out! She thinks I can get enough smells that way...but I think I could see much better and smell SOOO much more!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Frustrated!! You know it isn't easy for us dogs to do stuff like use these computers...much less to figure out what to do when something goes wrong!

I posted my first post on TWITTER, announced it to all my friends and it TWITTERED OUT!

It won't let me make another post and I already have one follower!!!!


Friday, May 15, 2009

These are great days!

These past few days have been great! I've been getting up early and going out for a walk and then, after breakfast, off to run.....I only to get to do that early because of the snakes and gators that come out once the sun comes up.

The temperature last night only got down to 71 degrees, so we wanted to get out before the sun warmed to cold bloods up.Of course I can always run around the yard, but it is more fun to go check out where all the other dogs have know, see whose been there, etc.

The yard is protected from the snakes by the sulfur powder my humans put all around the waterfront and other places they like to hide. The geese help keep the snakes away too.

I'm gettin' ready to take another big nap right now because there is a thunderstorm rumbling around. Thunderstorms ruin things for me sometimes, but they make my humans happy. Something about a "drought" and low water levels they don't like.

I'll get a couple of walks again tonight and maybe get to play too.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wow, two great days in a row!!!

Wow! Another great day like yesterday!!!!!!!!!! Whoooheeee!!!!!!!Up early, a good walk and game of Frisbee then breakfast. Humans had coffee and fruit, not that you care...anyway, another walk then into the car to go for a run.No one else there today either, but we went even further and I found a flock of pigeons and the humans let me chase them!!! Oh what fun!! Even if they did out-fly me...mainly because I can't fly! But, I gave them a run for their feathers! We got another game of ball this evening and a long walk around the neighborhood.

Friday, May 1, 2009

More on my weekend

Last Sunday morning we all left for the mountains. We went in the truck. My crate is in the bed and I got all the good smells! Earlier this week I got back in the truck and we went to the next town to Riverside Park and walked a little over a mile along the river. WOW...was I worn out after all the traveling!

Busy, busy weekend

I had a busy, busy weekend last weekend. This weekend was fun. My humans had company and they went out to see the race at the Striped Bass Festival.

This was at the start.

Below is approaching the finish.

There was a parade and all these dogs were on a Parade float. They said it was the animal shelter float. There were even people dressed up like dogs and cats! Can you imagine??

I didn't go but they showed pictures.