Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Y is for Yasmine



Hi Y’all!


If my Human didn’t have me she’d love Yasmine!  She loves greyhounds and is partial to retrievers!  What more could you want than a mix of both breeds?




Isn’t she beautiful?

She is two years old and a mix of Lab and greyhound.  Her owners moved and could no longer care for her.




Yasmine loves to play ball and loves squeaky toys!  She also loves everyone she meets and is very friendly.

Since she can be a bit “rambunctious” when she plays she would want to find a home where there were no children under 8 years of age. 

She is used to living inside and is both house trained and crate trained. 


If you are searching for a playful active dog which is already spayed and house trained, Yasmine could be the perfect gal for you!





Contact information:


Spartanburg Humane Society

150 Dexter Road
Spartanburg, SC 29303
Phone: 864-583-4805


Y’all hurry back now!  Stop by tomorrow to see who came swimming in my lawn.





(All photos and information courtesy of Petfinder.com and Spartanburg Humane Society)









Monday, April 28, 2014

Xerophthalmia and Other Mischief!


Hi Y’all!




These next few days wrap up our fun with the A to Z Challenge for 2014!  It’s also Mischief Monday!  And there was mischief in my world last week!



I know y’all want to know what xerophthalmia means.  I actually told you all about on Friday’s post…It means dryness and soreness of the eyes.


The fellow in the picture below is a thief!









This is the third egg we know they have stolen. 




But there was more mischief! 

Sometimes in the evening, after nightfall, when my Human and I would go for our last walk we’d hear a loud splash.  My Human would describe it as if someone had thrown a body into the water.  Alligators are usually quiet and simply sink below the surface, so she felt sure it wasn’t a gator.


See the brush pile to the right of the photo above?  Most of it is clean up from the ice storm.  We haven’t been able to burn because the water has stayed high.  When we’d walk by there branches would be scattered on the path.



Everyday my Humans would pile them back on the pile and the following day there were more down in the path.  After a couple of days of no wind my Human was wondering why the branches kept falling off the pile. 


In the above photo notice a pile if sticks and branches to the left.  My Human was beginning to think she was going crazy.  The pile seemed to keep growing every day.



Above is another view of the growing pile.  You can see how the water is cutting into the bank in front of the retaining wall. 










Y’all come back now!








Friday, April 25, 2014

Virid–My World is Green



Hi Y’all!




Here at the shore I have a beautiful green (virid) world.  Usually a fun place to swim and play. 



However, there was another “v” in my life.  One that has ruined my life!  Anyone want to rescue me?  Anyone? 


You guessed it!  The VET!!!  (veterinarian). 


No, that photo is not the vet or even my Human Papa.  The photo is of a fisherman up in our canal by the boat dock.  I’m busy checkin’ him out; part of my job, you know. 



As my followers know, my Human is very quick to rush me to the vet when she doesn’t think I’m feelin’ quite like myself. 




My eyes were still botherin’ me, so we returned to the vet.  The vet assured my Humans that the small mole or growth wasn’t what was botherin’ me.


It was awful!  They stuck a little paper in my eye and held it closed for an eternity…an entire minute!  Then they repeated the test on the other eye. 


Of course there was the requisite thermometer and check and cleaning of my butt. 



But I haven’t gotten to the worst part!  Despite my allergy shots my belly was breaking out again.  But that isn’t all…there is the perpetual scale! 


I was so rambunctious when I got on the scale, even though the reading stopped at 99, the tech read the highest reading of 103.  My Human Papa didn’t think that was correct because I was sitting at 99 and moving at the higher weight.  I’ve weighed in between 99 and 100 since I was 24 months, no matter how much exercise I get. 


I was already on a diet and my rations had been cut, but the vet changed my food and cut my ration even more! 



But that isn’t the worst of it!  Because of my rash I’m not allowed in the water!  NO SWIMMING!!!  It’s bad enough when the alligators start hangin’ around, but now!  Just when the water is deep enough I could actually do dock diving! 



So folks, my eyes aren’t making enough tears.  I get salve 4 times a day in my eyes, plus extra allergy pills and all my fruit and stuff has been cut off.  I get part of my dog food ration as a training treats and NOTHING extra!!! 


I didn’t think that my Humans would really take what the vet said seriously, but they are sticking to everything like my life depends upon it! 

Don’t you think this is unfair and just downright MEAN!!!? I’m a retriever!  Water is part of a retriever’s life!!!


Don’t y’all think they are mistreating me?  Do you think I should appeal to a rescue for help? 



Y’all hurry back now!












Thursday, April 24, 2014




Hi Y’all!




Today’s word means “not in agreement”.  I can tell y’all I am definitely not in agreement with my Humans!  But more about that tomorrow.



Today I promised to tell you what yesterday’s word, Tantivy, means: at full gallop; headlong.


Going back to last Thursday’s post “Pabulous”

weliveinaflat said...

“How do you even grab hold of that ball that looks too big for your mouth! :P”

Emma said...

“Are you playing with a soccer ball? My sister Katie loves soccer balls. We love to stay fit and we eat a healthy diet...plenty of snacks too, but they are the healthy kind most of the time. Happy Friday!”


I love playin’ with the soccer ball.  My Humans can throw it or kick it and I block it or chase it!  It isn’t quite fully inflated so I can get a grip on it.


Next was Sepia Saturday’s post for the letter “Q”,  Quaere and Quaeritur ,

easyweimaraner said...

“I can remember the "quaeritur"- thingy there was something with a raised question :o)has it something to do with the Michigan State Motto too?”


Oh, you stumped me! 

However, after a little research I discovered:  The State Motto of Michigan is “Si Quaeris Peninsulam Amoenam, Circumspice” (If You Seek a Pleasant peninsula, Look About You). 



Quaeris is Latin for the second person singular present tense of quaero, which means I look for, I search for, I seek out or I inquire into. So it means "you seek out". 

So, now I’ve learned another “Q” word or two.


M. K. Clinton said...

“Do y'all live on the lake? It is so pretty. Have a great weekend!”




It is a large creek or river, one of a number of tributaries and rivers that is part of a lake system.  The lake is sometimes referred to as an inland sea.  From our dock we can go to the inland waterway.



JoAnn Stancer said...

“What a great word that I didn't know what it meant. Snow...really??? I hope all went well at the vet for you, thinking of you. Have a nice night”


When you leave the coast and head west and start gaining elevation it is like heading north. 



Temperatures drop almost 4 degrees Fahrenheit for every 1000 feet of elevation. Our mountain house is in a different eco system from the shore house. Above our house the eco system continues to change. 




Tomorrow I’ll tell you about what and why I’m unconsentaneous.

Y’all hurry back now!