Thursday, May 31, 2012




My name is Joshua

Once I had a family, but hard times came and they turned me into the animal shelter…we call it jail.  I had a big tumor and couldn’t hide it.  Lots of dogs had tumors and they were getting euthanized…such a big word for such an awful thing.  I needed a miracle!

My first miracle was that Walk by Faith Ministry wanted to take me!  but they were hours away.  The second miracle was that a two seat private plane with some generous pilots flew me to Hilton Head on the coast of South Carolina to the Ministry!

A newspaper published an article about mommy.  The next day when she took me to the vet we met a couple who had read the article.  After learning about me from her they volunteered to PAY for my surgery!!!

It took me two months to recover from the surgery, along with my opening the wound again…but now I’m all well!  I don’t have cancer. 

I still have some small tumors and my big one has grown back a wee bit.  But my vet says I need to be monitored and stay on my medicine and I’ll be fine. 

Do you have lots of love?  Would you share with me?  I have lots of love to give you!  I don’t need a whole bedroom, I just need you to appreciate how special and loving I am.  I plan on enjoying every day for the rest of my life and I’d love to share it with some special. 


Contact me at: Walk by Faith Ministry, Bluffton, SC

Telephone: 843-338-2219   Email:




Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It’s That Time Again!


Hi Y’all!

It’s Wednesday again!  

I’m a blur!  Like the wind!


The Humans checked and the haying isn’t finished so we’ll have to wait to race through the fields again. 

I want to get back to hiking!


Y’all come back now!









Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday’s Times


Hi Y’all!

Hope y’all had a great weekend. 

Want to share some more wildflowers.



And some clouds.


Time for day dreams.

Y’all come back now.




Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Holiday 2012


Hi Y’all!

This is Memorial Day in the U.S. 

It is when we remember our veterans who fought in wars to preserve our way of life and the rights for our humans to speak out and to protest peacefully and to elect representatives to speak for them in a place called Congress. 

Y’all come back now!




Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pleasant Day, Pleasant Times


Hi Y’all!

Since it’s Sunday, a day of rest, I wanted to share this peaceful view out my Human’s kitchen window and my back door.

And the little red star burst wild flowers found only in certain areas of these southeastern mountains with certain soil conditions.

Y’all come back now.



Saturday, May 26, 2012

Long Weekend!


Hi Y’all!

Hope y’all are having a great weekend.  If you are in the U.S. hope you’re enjoying a long Memorial Day holiday weekend!

I’m being lazy and watching the bees bring honey home to the bee tree.  They never seem to take a holiday.


Y’all come back now!



Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday’s Q & A Time!


Hi Y’all,

Time to once more to address your questions. 

Remember this photo from Wednesday’s post?

Dawn, from the American Dog Blog, asked if I try to paw the toy out of my mouth while on my back.  Evidently her pups like to do that.  Actually, I just like having something to carry and hold onto most of the time.  Maybe I should try that “pawing” thing sometime.  Could be fun, don’t y’all think?

Chloe and Lady Bug asked me where my mountains are and if I live in Colorado…

Sorry y’all, I’m afraid the dear folks in Colorado would probably think our mountains are merely hills.  However, I am surrounded by some of the highest peaks in the southeastern U.S.A.. 

These mountains were formed 300 million years ago by collisions and separations of tectonic plates.  Once part of the Caledonian mountain chain that is located in Scotland and Scandinavia today.  They are the oldest mountain chain in North America. 

Over the centuries these mountains have undergone erosion.  They are not only complex geologically, but have unique and different habitats.  Our forests are temperate and mixed southern hardwood.  We have a spruce fir forest that grows only in the highest (above 5500 feet) and coldest elevations.  The climate is too harsh there to support the broad leaf hardwoods that grown in the lower regions.  I am in the “lower” regions (below 5500 feet) and look at the highest and coldest.  In the summer barely a day goes by without storms and clouds on these mountains.  

We have wildflowers that grow only at the highest elevations, or in certain soils or on a certain slope exposure. 

Sadly the balsam woolly adelgid introduced from Europe in the early 20th century has killed most of the mature Fraser fir forest in the southeastern mountains which has caused tragic destruction to the spruce fir ecosystem of the south. 

Above the corpse of a dead Fraser Fir.  Dying Fraser Fir forest behind me in the picture below.

Our mountain range runs from Newfoundland to central Alabama.  The southern part of the mountains begins in North Carolina.  The Blue Ridge runs from Pennsylvania to Georgia and is sometimes referred to as the backbone.  The Great Smoky mountains are part of this region and run from Tennessee to North Carolina.

Below I’m looking across Tennessee. 

I hope I’ve answered y’all about “my mountains”.  Y’all come back now!



Thursday, May 24, 2012



Hi Y’all!

Hawkeye here!  No picture of me today, because this post is all about a needy guy named Roscoe

Here’s a young fella for all you active people just lookin’ for a pawed one to train for agility, obedience, retrieving…he’s ready to go!  No staying up nights housebreaking.  That’s been done for you. 

He’s only 14 months old…same age I was when I came to live with my Human…walks super on a leash too!  Like I said, ready for serious training! 

Roscoe was found sick and starved and taken into a home with another unaltered male dog.  After he was nursed back to health, the family dog decided Roscoe no longer needed them and it was time for him to move out.

With great sadness his rescuer relinquished Roscoe to the shelter on May 7th. 

This handsome love also gets along well with children.  He may be a wee shy when he first meets you, but show him that you care and he’ll love you and care for you forever! 

If you or someone you know is willing to put some time into a young dog to train and exercise him and make him your companion, Roscoe needs YOU! 

Contact: Carteret County Humane Society in Newport, North Carolina. 

The telephone number is:  252-247-7744

The email address is:

Link to Roscoe’s Petfinder page by clicking on his name, any of his pictures or here.



Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Tuesday Times


Hi Y’all!

My Human has been trying to exhaust herself.  She’s busy with something called “spring house cleaning”.  

Do you know what that means?  It means I’m neglected!  That’s what it means! 

Now let me look out here…

And tell y’all about the mountain weather…

Mornings here in the mountains are in the high 40’s to low 50’s Fahrenheit.  Days are sunny and warm in the low to mid 70’s Fahrenheit. 

Today will be a very wet day since we will be effected by a weather front, not just “ridge runners”.

Late afternoons or evenings usually bring “ridge runners”.  Those are thunderstorms that run around and around the mountains.  They circle.  Sometimes they are just black clouds on a higher peak and other times it is on our mountain and it is pouring here.  These heavy showers cause the temperatures to drop 10 to 20 degrees in a few minutes.  The rain is great to wash the pollen out of the air.  Oh, yeh, and to water the plants too.

Y’all come back now!




Monday, May 21, 2012

Oh No!


Hi Y’all!

I did it this time!  It was a big oops! 

Y’all know how I help carry things around…Here in the mountains when we come in from outside we enter the laundry room.  My Human leaves her slippers or shoes there on the floor and changes into rubbers if it’s raining.  When we come inside I always snatch up a slipper and carry it off until she tells me to bring it.  The other day I was thirsty and set her slipper down while I took a drink.  Unfortunately, I set it down in my water dish…the entire situation was to no ones liking.  My Human exclaims “HAWK!”  My water was hard to drink around the slipper. 

Y’all come back now!






Sunday, May 20, 2012

Some Moves as Promised


Hi Y’all!

I promised last week to show y’all some of my moves playing ball. 


Tagged it!


Nailed it!


Where’d it go?!

Got it!


Y’all come back now!