Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Award Tuesday!




Hi Y’all!

Oh I am so excited! 

I received an award from “My Dogs Love Me”!  Isn’t it beautiful?  This is the first time I’ve ever received this award!  Thank you, thank you!


This award was purposely made to recognize the efforts of fellow bloggers and let them know that their work is appreciated!!

The first blog I would like y’all to visit is The Elka Almanac.  This blog is the tale of the amazing day to day journey of a young dog and a first time dog owner.  Elka and her person seem to be meant for each other.  The blog also includes the research Elka’s person did prior to adding her to the family.

My Human says you can never read too many books about teaching…Where can I get a book about training humans? 

Next, the most glamorous doodle in Blogville…Sophie!!!  She lives in the most beautiful spot in the world!  If you don’t believe me, check out the photography yourself!  

Next, I want to recognize Just Ramblin!   Stop by and meet Stella and Sadie.  Like the title suggests, you’ll find provocative thoughts, interesting photos and of course, the Newf and the Chessie…

Yes, another Chessie. 

Then there is my very special friend over in the UK!  Miss Penny, the Jack Russell dog and modest Internet star!   Of course she shares her blog with her human.  My Human enjoys reading what her human posts.  Truth be known, I only read what Penny writes. Being a dog, most human stuff is of no interest to me.  Klahanie has something to offer all of us, man or beast Winking smile.

Finally, stop and visit “Peaceful Dog”.  These dogs and their humans enjoy lots of outdoor hiking in interesting places and sleeping.  Uh, the dogs seem to enjoy the sleeping…not so much the humans.  

Of course, my Humans spent time in the areas where Peaceful Dog goes hiking, so are very familiar with them.  It was just another reason I love this blog; I get to see places from my Humans past. 

Hope y’all enjoy visiting some more of my friends.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Sunday, January 29, 2012

On the Go!



Hi Y’all!

It’s Sunday again. 

Sunday’s are special days.  The Humans always make Sunday special.  It’s a family day. 

For those of you who commented on how handsome I am, thank you very much.  I posed just for y’all.

I’d also like to point out, my Human has such faith in my behavior, that even though there is no fence, I wear no collars.

Does your human trust you?

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

We Have Grass!



Hi Y’all!


Sometimes my Human gets it right.


We’ve had lots and lots of rain. 

However, as you can see in the first two pictures, we have

g r a s s! 


Climb another 1500 feet to find the snow.  My Human is very thankful we’re getting rain at our elevation.




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Friday, January 27, 2012

Fun Friday!



Hi Y’all,


Yep, it’s Friday!  For many humans it is called TGIF!  Me?  I just think it is another FUN day! 

Grab the ball!

Return the ball!


Give the ball.


Y’all like my freckled nose?

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Give Chloe a Forever Home!



Hi Y’all,


Let me introduce y’all to a lovely lady named Chloe who is seeking a special forever home.  Are you that home?


Chloe is about the same age as I am, maybe a little younger.  She is estimated between 4 and  5 years old, in human years.  Tell us more about yourself, Chloe.


Thank you Hawk.  I’m a very mellow gal.  I’m very well behaved whether in the house or car or on a leash.  I love walks.

I just want to make some a wonderful companion and in turn I would love them forever.  I would love to have someone to love who would love me in return. 

Thanks for telling us about yourself, Chloe.

Do you need a loving companion?

To go to Chloe’s Petfinder page, click here or on her name or picture

CHLOE's Contact Info

Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida (LRRoF), Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL  

877.LABS-FLA • info@lrrof.org

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

World of a Wonderful Wednesday



Hi Y’all!


Do y’all like the trees? 

My Human seems to be really slow on focusing, don’t y’all think? 

I thought she was taking pictures of me.  Here I am putting on my best “run by” and she’s focused on the silly trees that stand there and don’t do anything!


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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Award Tuesday!


Hi Y’all! 


I want to send gracious thanks to My Dogs Love Me!   You’ll see the signature Haopee in the comments on y’alls blogs. 

I’m so excited!  I’ve never, ever gotten a Pawsome Blogger Award!  I think it is so relevant for those of us who have paws, who struggle through life dependent on humans simply because we don’t have thumbs! Notice the paw print, Human!  This ones for me! 


Once more, thank you Haopee

If y’all haven’t visited My Dogs Love Me, you really must.  The blog has evolved over time and today is very informative on a host of topics.  I always learn something about humans and other dogs. 

But now I want to pass this awesome award on to some of my favorite friends. 

First, The Thundering Herd!  One day we hope we’ll run into each other on one of our hikes since we haunt many of the same places.  Can you imagine comin’ around a corner and meetin’ up with these six?

Next, Life with DesmondDesmond is a lucky fellow named for Desmond Jones of  the Beatles song lyrics.  His early life was one of upheaval as one after the other families turned him into shelters.   On April Fools Day he found his forever home and now celebrates with his own blog.  This award is a little early for his gotcha birthday…but I know Desmond will love it! 

Next is Katrina!  Check out the puppy love at the Puppy Raising Journey !  This is the life and times of a teenage puppy raiser and the new puppy, Katrina, she recently picked up at Guide Dogs.  If you’ve read the amazing stories of these young dogs and the unbelievable dedication of their raisers, you’ll want to follow this pup from beginning to advanced training.   If you’ve never followed a puppy raiser, you will love this blog.

Next is Puppy Raising with Monte and MeThis blog is also about a family raising a guide dog.

Then, for a change of pace, may I present Two Collies and a Mutt.  There are two Rough Collies and a Lab mix.  The younger collie has shorter hair, but is not a Smooth Collie.   You’ll enjoy the photos and narrative.

Ricky’s Life is a great blog especially if  you have an active dog like a Sheltie. Ricky is always learning and living life to the fullest.

You really must check out the Peaceful Dog Blog.  This blog is all about positive training and fostering.  These dogs  have amazing hikes around the Washington D.C. area complete with photos.  Also go back aways and meet some of the past foster dogs. 

Finally, The Chronicles of Cardigan!  Jon Farleigh and Dewi are Cardigan Welsh Corgis with a blog all about them and their family.

Okay, y’all, I’m off to let my friends know they have an Award!

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Monday, January 23, 2012

What’s with the Cats?



Hi Y’all!

My little pal Scrappy got tricked by his human!  How mean!   Poor little fellow!  Let me tell you what else I found out:  vets seem to want to torment us!  with cats! Yes, I said cats. 

Now I really don’t have anything against cats.  I’m not allowed to chase cats when they trespass in my territory.  However, like the cat that Scrappy met up with, these cats in the my vets office like to sit and taunt.  Only Scrappy had the cat come right into the exam room! 

Don’t feel bad Scrappy!  You aren’t alone.  I, too, had to go to the vet for a check up last week and face these demon cats again as they sit and stare and flick their tails.  

Since I’ve been here in the mountains where rain and snow have limited everybody's’ exercise I’ve gained 3 lbs.!  Dr. G. was not happy about the weight gain.  She told my Human to cut back my food when I wasn’t getting as much exercise.  Is she crazy!?  I’ll starve to death! 

Oh, and  Scrappy, I have to get my ears cleaned at least 3 times a week! 

Just wanted to let y’all know that you seriously have my sympathy!

Y’all come back now!



Sunday, January 22, 2012

What I Do When I Won’t!



Hi Y’all,

Some time ago I promised to let y’all know what I do when I don’t want to do something. 

My crate has always been my own special place where I can do what I want and never get corrected.  That spot is my crate.

Now, my Human does go in it after she launders my bedding to get everything all comfy again.  Yes, she can fit in my crate. 

So, when she wants me to go outside and I don’t want to, I just go in my crate and lay down.  She shrugs and leaves me alone.

My friend Haopee asked me “I've never known where you came from.”  I’m not sure if the question is about where I was born or where I live with my Humans now.  I live in southeastern USA.  Part of the time I live in the southeastern mountains and the rest of the time I live at the shore in the deep south. 

The other question Haopee asked was “I'm just wondering, have you ever seen some of your human's old pets?”  My Humans had no pets when I came to live with them.  However I have seen pictures of many of them.  Of course Candy, the Chessie featured under “in memory” had her own website.  The pictures on the “in memory” page were on her website. 

Y’all can feel free to email at browndogcbr at live.com

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Questions, Answers and Training Notes


Hi Y’all!

Have lots to cover today!  

First, I’ve got to do some bragging.  What, you didn’t think I’d admit I brag? 

Lets talk about fences.  Poor Fred and Gloria had the winds blow their fence down…poor Fred is whining that it’s put a crimp in his fun! 

I don’t have any fences to blow down.  You rarely see me on a leash, but it wasn’t always that way.  When I first arrived I walked on a lead every time I went outside.

Now I no longer need the lead, but still the Human goes with me.  But I get ahead of myself.  For the first couple of years I had 4 to 5 regular outings each day.  Each outing I took at least 2 turns around the perimeter of the yard, on lead.  There was a special spot that we stopped for potty time.  Now, I also got out to practice my obedience. 

My first off leash time, I still had a check cord.

My Human would just step on the end of the cord if I didn’t immediately obey. 

When we went to the mountains the same procedure was followed.  At least four times a day, on leash, I walked the perimeter of my boundaries. 

Once my Human felt confident with my responses to basic commands, the walks were off leash but I was wearing the check cord.  It wasn’t long before I graduated to completely off lead walks.  Of course I was attending obedience school too. 

From time to time people ask about the tab lead on my collar.  Lots of agility dogs wear them when they are training.  They allow the human to grab it to correct us. 

I always have one attached to my collar all the time.  My Human says it makes her feel more comfortable when she can quickly grab the tab lead if I’m acting inappropriately. 

Anyway, that’s how I learned my boundaries.  The fact that one of my Humans is always outside with me, keeps me within my boundaries.  One paw outside and I get a verbal correction or recall. 

Haopee asks “I have a question. Are CBRs high energy pooches? What if you live in a small apartment? How many hours of exercise do you guys need?”

All retrievers need loads of exercise and mental stimulation.  I get a good walk before daylight, then come in and eat.  Almost immediately I want to go out for a potty break.  By now it is light, so I usually get about a 30 minute walk and about 15 minutes practicing some obedience.  In the summer my schedule is a little different, because we try to go for our long exercise early in the day. 

In the winter, like now, we usually go mid-morning when the sun, hopefully, is warming things up.  Our long exercise may be a leashed walk in a town park, an on or off leash hike, or an off leash hike on private property.  Weather permitting, my Human and I jog part of the trail.  If possible, we go where I can run off leash and practice retrieves.


Then evening, after supper, we go for another walk about half an hour.  This walk usually includes about 10 minutes of obedience work.  The final walk is just a short one at bed time. 

So that is my schedule.  If the Humans have business that interrupts the schedule, I usually get a really long walk and training session in the morning and another when they return in the evening. 

The most important thing about having a successful relationship with a retriever is to spend time teaching him new things and make sure he has lots of brisk exercise which includes exercising his retrieving skills. 





To see more about training retrievers and to see how demanding a job we can really handle, go visit Thunder and Storm and follow Freighter as he grows from an 8 week old pup to the accomplished hunting companion his dad already is. 

Our, retrievers, ability to work closely with our human and understand complicated commands is what makes us great guide and assistance dogs.  Stop and visit McLean Southeastern Guide Dog in Training to see how adaptive we can be.  Or you can follow Brandon’s Life as a Guide Dog in Training.  Meagan has a wonderful blog Davey’s Everyday Adventures.  The most recent post was a summary of Davey’s life until Meagan had to turn him in for advanced training.  Finally, stop by Raising Patrick in College for tales of a future assistance dog. 

The main reason retrievers are used as guide and assistance dogs is because we were bred to work closely with a human and trust the human and to take direction.  Because we are retrieving birds and have to learn to mark where they fall, we also are more aware of what’s above us.  This is very important if you are guiding a blind person so you don’t walk them into a branch or sign. 

So, Haopee, I hope I’ve at least partially answered your question about our energy level.  I hope anyone who stayed with me throughout this post understands just how eager we retrievers are for knowledge and how we need to be inside with and part of our family or special person.

Y’all come back now!