In Loving Memory

Many long years ago my Humans had other retrievers.  However, when fate brought a dark brown female Chesapeake Bay Retriever into their lives, the road was paved for me.

My Human had her 16 year old Flat Coat retriever die in her arms.  She was distraught and insisted that they immediately get another retriever.  Off they went to the rescue and found a nice black Lab.  However, the Lab was not available for a couple of days. 

When the time came my Human Papa called to find out if he was still available.  Actually, what he asked was about the retriever in kennel number such and such. 

When Papa got there, a brown Chessie stepped up to the gate wagging her tail.  He kept on going, because it wasn't the dog Momma had selected.  But he also had instructions to bring home a dog.  

When Papa walked back by the Chessie she was laying in the back of her kennel and ignored him.   Papa went out to the desk and found out she was a pure bred with papers turned in by the owner. 

Papa put her in the crate in the back of his truck and off they went to meet Momma.  Momma loved her. 

Who wouldn't!  Young and beautiful.

Momma quickly discovered this Chessie had been professionally trained.   They called her Candy because she answered to that name.  She was 9 months old.

Candy was also infected with heartworms.  She started her new life staying at the vet for heartworm treatment.  Once she was strong enough, it was back to the vet for her spay surgery.  Once she was through this rough period she had a healthy life until her old age years. 

Enjoy these pictures of her life.
Long stays make one sleepy. The eyes are closing.

A favorite spot to lay.

A relaxing moment.

When she passed over the rainbow she would be buried on this spot.  She liked to lay here and watch over the garden.
A favorite place to rest or supervise the work in the garden.

This is the bird garden.  To one with 4 paws it is like a jungle.
The bird garden is like a jungle.

This was her favorite spot in the house where she could look out over her domain.
Here comes Mama to take my nubbin.

Later my Human rearranged the room for her so she could have a big comfy bed in "her spot".
These beds are great on old bones.
Tolerating the barn cat who became a house cat in his old age.
Candy and Ghosty.

Out by the paddocks with a friend.
Candy with a friend.

Watchin' for Papa to come home.
Watching for "Daddy"   

Checkin' things out.
Checking things out.

Candy's recall!
Candy's response to "come"

Lookin' for a cool shady spot on a hot summer day.
Looking for a cool shady spot.

Visitin' with some friends who stopped by on their four wheeler.
Candy and Fred (horse) visiting with friends on 4 wheeler.

At the ocean with the waves crashing behind her, Candy jogs on the beach with my Human.
On the beach at the ocean


  1. Beautiful girl... Looks like she had a wonderful life with her loving Papa and Momma!!!

  2. What a gorgeous girl! Thanks for sharing these memories! How lucky your humans were to have their flat coat retriever live to such a grand age and I love the story of how Candy came into their lives. How very special it is that she was put to rest in one of her favored spots in the yard.

    -Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

  3. What beautiful pictures. The only bad thing about owning an old dog is the anticipation of losing them.

    I love their gray muzzles and their gentleness.

    Your passion and love for your dogs really comes through on your blog. Thanks for sharing your wonderful stories.

    Don't ever stop.
    ~Janie :o

  4. What a beautiful girl! It is so sweet that she was put to rest in her favorite spot. Until you meet again, she will be watching over from her favorite spot. Such a heartfelt story. Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a beautiful story for a beautiful girl, till you meet again, godspeed.

  6. What a loving tribute. I enjoyed reading and getting to know all about Candy. I still struggle with the loss of my Leo, but in time I hope to dedicate a page on the website to him as well.