Saturday, September 29, 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012

Follow Up Friday


Hi Y’all!

Molly the Wally and Goose asked what my song is…I make it up as I go…it depends on where I am and what I’m seeing and what the weather is like…I never seem to sing the same thing twice or to the same tune.

Jodi at Heart Like a Dog asked if I needed stitches.  No I didn’t but my Human is hoping I don’t get a scar.

Dogs n Pawz asked what my Humans were thinking when my head got caught in the door…I can tell you my Human thought I’d gone back for my toy.  The accident just proves how fast I am.

Flea wanted to know if the scent I was checking out was something that might spray my face and freak out my Human.

As y’all know now, the scent was a BIG cat…so no it isn’t going to spray me. 

Dakota’s Den was havin’ problems with some comments, including mine, going to spam.  I’ve had the same problem, but I’ve learned to double check spam.  They still sometimes end up getting posted late ‘cause I don’t check it every day.

Last Friday I missed answering part of Sugar’s question.  Sugar wanted to know where exactly I go to see all these really cool animals…

Where we live is very rural and there are lots of cool critters everywhere.  There are also some not so cool ones like, black bears, coyotes wild boars (pigs with tusks)and panthers that scream like a woman…sorry my Human!…

Finally, Dogs n Pawz wanted to know why my Human took a picture of my back end…

When I’m off lead I’m usually several yards in front on the trail…so my Human sees lots of my tail.   The pictures come in handy for me when I want to signal “the end”.

Y’all come back now!




Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday’s Find!



I’m Sandi!  I’m a kinda shy girl.  But once I get to know you I really warm up to you. 

I’ve been a stray and was in doggie jail at another shelter before coming here.  They think I was born about July 2009.  I try not to think about my previous life. 

I like going for walks, but I don’t like all dogs…but then do people like all people they meet?  Cats?  I’m indifferent about cats. They seem okay. 

If you’re willing to take the time to get to know me, I’d be your loyal friend for life! 

If you’d like to meet me my Pet ID is 4664.  My $100.00 adoption fee includes spaying, age appropriate vaccinations, Bordetella, Rabies vaccines, heartworm test and worming. I am kept on monthly heartworm prevention.  I’m staying at Madison County Humane Society in Anderson, Indiana.  You can telephone me at (765) 644-6484, just ask for Sandi, or if you prefer email the address is: 

Click here or on my name, Sandi, or my picture to go to my Petfinder page!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday Times


Hi Y’all

Remember the scent?  I mentioned about the scent?  Look at these claw marks!

And here they are next to my Human Papa’s foot.

Let me tell you, I marked that spot! 

The man that keeps the bee hives says there is a big cat around there.  He’s a BIG cat!  Must be what was marking that tree…remember the tree I showed y’all last year? 

We thought it could only be bears, but bears don’t usually go high into trees.  Now seems more likely that it is a big cat.  Not your ordinary house kitty, my friends. 

Bobcats are common, but big cats are usually heard and not seen in these parts.  Tales of panthers are common, but I’ve never seen one.  Hope I don’t run into this fellow on our hikes!

Y’all come back now!





Monday, September 24, 2012

Stop the Mischief!!!


Hi Y’all!

This past weekend and week was a real dozy!

First, I got a comment from our Blogville friends, KB and her new sidekick Shyla, that they killed an email from me because they thought someone had hi-jacked MY EMAIL!  They didn’t open it.  Thank you, KB!

Sure nuf, when I tried to get into my account there was a note from the server.  I had to get the Human to fix things for me.

That wasn’t enough.  I was rushing to get in the door and my Human told me to bring my toy and Papa called to shut the door, that it was letting the cold air inside.  My Human started to shut the door before I could slow and turn.  You can guess what happened next!  My head got caught and it cut my face.  Not good! 

Stay tuned for that scent I’ve been checkin’ out!

Y’all come back now!




Saturday, September 22, 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012

Follow Up Friday!


Hi Y’all!

Time’s flyin’ faster and faster!  Here it is time to follow up on all your questions.

Kia and Simba the mini-Schnauzer, on my post “Hello and Good-bye”, asked where I was “runnin’ off to”…if it was “fun in the woods”.  Jen, Elka’s mom asked the same thing.    Sugar asked “what?”, Blueberry, asked what I’m hunting, and Dog Mom wanted to know if I was on the trail of something good.  2browndawgs wanted to know if I “found anything good”. 

Actually, it was a scent that started showin’ up last year.  It keeps me in close to my Humans.  I don’t range as far from them.  I’ll have more for you in later posts.  Don’t know if it’s good or bad, but I marked it!

Dakota’s person remarked that I was workin’ hard sleepin’.  I’ll have you know that sleepin’ comes AFTER the hard work!  But you knew that. Winking smile

Molly asked “don’t you turkey chase?”.

It has crossed my mind, but an ever mindful and watchful Human keeps me always “under her thumb” as she calls it.  In other words, I’m FORCED to practice “control yourself” whenever the urge strikes.

Sugar wants to know “where do you go that you see all these cool animals?”  “Are you planning your Thanksgiving dinner?” 


It never hurts to plan ahead!  Winking smile

Kim at Golden Pines commented, hard at work in the first and hardly working in the second, right?

The Day in the Life of a Goose  wanted to know if I worked myself into a deep slumber?

What’s that you humans are always saying about a tired dog?  Yep, I was dog tired!

Dakota’s Den wanted to know if the cows were busy making milk?

I can tell you, she is…for her calf.

Jet wants to know if cows are fun to chase or follow?  I’ve never tried it.  They are my friends and I don’t even bark at them.  There are cattle dogs that are trained to herd them, but I’m a retriever.  Sorry Jet, I can’t really answer your question about the fun part. 

Jet also asks if my Human caught me nappin’?

She sure did!  and that’s hard to do! 

Jet wanted to know how I’m feelin’?  I’m feelin’ fine now that I’ve finished the antibiotics.  They were makin’ my tummy really upset!  So glad that’s over!

Goose from the Gospel of Goose wants to know if my big friends winter in the mountains?


Some do winter in the mountains, but not all of them.  The mamas and the papas usually stay and have more babies next year.  Like youngsters everywhere, the young go off elsewhere. 

Alison at Pawfect Times asked what kind of a spider this was and I don’t know.  If anybody does…please let us know!  Thanks!

Y’all come back now!