Friday, March 29, 2013

Follow Up!


Hi Y’all!



Time to join Heart Like a Dog and wrap up our week.

First, let me start by answering Sugar’s question about this picture from Palm Sunday. 


No, I do not appear anywhere in this picture.  What I think you are questioning is just another cypress knee.

Moving right along…the cat (It’s Rhyme Time) was upset by my dream of chasing cats…but offered to help me chase squirrels.


Actually, the cats we have are bobcats…

Henry and Zachary (BZ Dogs)  wanted to know if these turtles are native…


Oh yes, they are wild and native and so are the gators and snakes.  Oz wants to know if they are the snappy ones.   Yes, they would take my nose off if I got too curious.




To see what happened to my world…Y’all come back now!














Thursday, March 28, 2013

Inmate Number…


Hi Y’all,

No pictures of me today…I want to feature several inmates who need your help!

First, is Inmate number 3202…

3202: Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Dog; Portsmouth, OH

This big fellow is a pound favorite, injured paw and all! 

He’d love to have a real forever family.

3202: Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Dog; Portsmouth, OH

If you can rescue this handsome sweetie…please call immediately.  This dog pound is the only one in a rural county and they must euthanize dogs who have been there in order to accept new ones.

Scioto Count Dog Pound
95 Arrowhead North Road
Portsmouth, OH 45662
Phone: 740-353-8802



Second, is Addy – 189

Who can resist?  Can you?

This beautiful mellow girl seems to love everyone.  Her owner was no longer able to care for her…about 5 years old she’s desperate for someone to love.

She is residing at

Delaware SPCA - Sussex Chapter, located in Georgetown, DE  Telephone:  302-856-6361



Finally, let me introduce a fellow who needs a special owner!  Inmate number: 13-0482 / 6-1-0101…they call him Jasper.

Jasper is a very sweet fellow except he’s an escape artist…a fence can’t stop him, even and underground fence…He’s just too curious about life.  

His forever home needs to be one where he lives indoors and is never outside unless on a leash.  In return he promises to give you love and affection. 

Can you give Jasper the attention and time he needs? 

His contact information is:

Franklin County Animal Control, located in Louisburg, NC. The telephone:  919-496-3032 or



All information and photos courtesy of





Tuesday, March 26, 2013



Hi Y’all!




Us on Cloud 9 presented me with the Reality Award! 


The following are the rules of the Reality Award:

1) Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.

2) Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back to them. Thanks again for the nomination.

3) Answer 5 simple questions.

4. Display the award on your blog somewhere.

5. Nominate up to 20 blogs for the award and notify them.

Now for the questions:

1.) If you could change one thing, what would you change?

My favorite way to travel!  Silly Momma's afraid my crate will fall out I guess!

I’d get to go EVERYWHERE my Humans go and NEVER get left behind wondering what kind of fun they’re havin’ without me.

2.) If you could repeat any age, what would it be? Any year?

Got it!

Don’t know that I want to repeat any age…I like my present age…especially since I’m much healthier than I’ve been in years since they found my infected tooth and removed it…haven’t need allergy shots in months!

3.) What is one thing that really scares you?

and play!

I’m a very secure fellow.  Can’t think of anything that scares me.

4.) What is one dream you have not completed, and do you think you’ll be able to accomplish it?


I dream of chasing things…like squirrels, rabbits, cats, even birds…but I’m not allowed.

5.) If you could be someone else for one day, who would it be?


I like being myself…what more could I want?  I get my meals prepared, my hair brushed, my nails done, my laundry done, the house cleaned and have my own chauffeur.

Now, let me give you the blogs we’re presenting with this Award…

First is Bert…he’s moved y’all know…to Bert Did It…he’s been havin’ troubles like I have from time to time…connectin’ with Blogville in a timely manner. 

Second, is No Dog About It.  My favorite recent post is A Walk in the Woods from March 18th.  Beautiful. Funny, despite the blog title, the blog is all about dogs. 

Then there is the handsome Pug, Frank.  Maybe it’s because he doesn’t weigh 100 lbs…seems like he has lots and lots of adventures. 

Next is MollyThe Little Dog with a Blog has guest bloggers plus a host of her own adventures.  You can also catch up with her in the Blogpaws community.

Penny, the Jack Russell dog and modest Internet superstar and her Human are perhaps the personification of this Award.

Sam and Monty are a couple of cool Golden Retrievers…

And of course, Sugar…now enjoying being back HOME. 

Adventures of a Dog Mom talks about everything in the life of a dog mom…not just the dogs.  (well, she’s human, she can do that.)

The big and the small of it…Mesa and Baily…then Tori, the big, and Big Carl, the small…all in…now, Alaska!  Y’all know ‘em I’m sure, Dog is God in Reverse.

Bichonpawz…the name says it all!…almost…follow it you don’t already!

Finn and Charlie are two more Goldens…havin’ adventures of their own or with their humans.

Have y’all met Otto?  Otto has joined Ruby and Bart and is learning his place in the peckin’ order.

I’m sure many of y’all know Koira and Pallo…if you don’t know the flyball dogs, be sure to make a visit! 

If you haven’t met Bunk, the cutest little black pug, get on over there NOW!

Have y’all been to Golden Pines?  If not you must go meet all those sweet seniors that a lady with a giant heart harbors. What a wonderful place.  I always enjoy my visits.

Sophie Doodle has some of the most beautiful photos.  This beautiful girl lives in the most beautiful world and her humans take her on walks and rides…also she has many, many pawed and 2 legged friends. 

Pooch Smooches is a blog that started off on a sad note and now follows a sweet rescued dog and it’s forever family.

Hope y’all enjoy these blogs and I hope the Award is enjoyed by all!


Y’all come back now!






Monday, March 25, 2013

Mischief? My Birthday Was Rained Out!


Hi Y’all!



Sunday was my birthday and the Humans hoped to make it a special day for me…outdoors of course…running, exploring, hiking…but Mother Nature had other ideas!  It  poured rain…hard rain! 

So, instead I’ll show y’all some “growing up” pictures.

Hawkeye 9 weeks old


Hawkeye 9 weeks old


Hawk at 6 mo at the National


The above puppy and show pictures are courtesy of breeder.

Then suddenly I was uprooted.  I went to a show. Then my world turned upside down.  A couple of women showed up, loaded me into a crate and brought me deep into the U.S. southeast.

Hawkeye arrives! in the Carolinas.


Watching the ducks and geese heading home for the night.


Hawkeye tests the lake waters.

My first thoughts…this is no swimming pool! 


Just being me.

My Human had been warned that I liked to play “keep away” instead of retrieving to hand…so…

Between the long hallway, water and a check cord at all times I soon learned that retrieving to hand could be fun…and REWARDING!  (yummy treats)

I got to go boating when it wasn’t too hot.

I got to ride in the bed of the pick up!  Wow, can you get great smells!

Momma made me learn to use a ramp like an OLD dog!  She says one day I will be and I'll be too heavy to lift.   I only get to ride to the creek or the mountain top in the truck.  Other trips I have to take in the car.  She says it's too hot when we leave the mountain.

When it got hot at the shore we went to the mountains and I got to hike there.

Here I am with all the world at my feet!  Sittin' at 6285 ft.!  Woooheee!

I'm havin' a great time!

It didn’t take me long to realize I might not have all my playmates anymore…but I didn’t have to share my Humans with anybody! 

The years have flown…I’m 7 years old now.  Can you believe it?  Sigh…

My favorite thing! Swim and retrieve!

Now I’ll leave you with some spring…




An Award tomorrow…

Y’all come back now!