Friday, August 31, 2012

Busy Boy


Hi Y’all!

I’ve been busy!  I’ve missed y’all! 

They’ve had me in intense training.  I’ve been busy getting fit and trim…I thought that I was getting the Humans fit and trim until yesterday.

Until yesterday…

I’m still a bit…ummm…tired…

Y’all come back now…





Thursday, August 30, 2012




I know you are looking for Hawk, but I haven’t met him.

My name is Sherwood.

How are all you people out there doing?    I’m doing okay, but I’d love to have a forever home with one of you. 

True, I considered senior…but then some of you humans who are reading this post are probably in the same boat.  Hope for your sake nobody casts you aside while you still have a zest for living and life.  

There are many advantages to a guy like me, especially if you are a senior human.  I’m house trained.  I won’t chew up your shoes and stuff.   I walk politely and nicely on a leash…no dragging you down the street.  I love people. 

If you adopt me and take me into your home, I promise to be a loving and loyal companion.

You can ask for Sherwood or Pet ID: 16719968.   I’m neutered and up to date on all routine shots.

To contact me at Longmont Humane Society in Longmont, CO telephone me at 303-772-1232  or email me at

Click on my name, Sherwood, or my picture or here to go to my Petfinder page.

Hope Hawk turns up soon.




Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dude Here


Yep, I’m Dude!

I’m Rascal’s big brother.

I know Hawk.  I’ve been to his house when I was young and played with him.  He laid down on the porch and let me crawl all over him. 

But, like I said yesterday, Hawk isn’t here.





Friday, August 24, 2012

You Asked!


Hi Y’all,

My Chessie friends, the 2 brown dawgs, now 3, commented on my manicure…”the whole process is exhausting, isn’t it?” 


Haopee, of My Dogs Love Me wants to know how much one of these grinder things cost…

My Humans original one that she used on my older Chessie sis, now over the rainbow, was battery powered.  This one plugs into the electric outlet.  Some humans have said their pawed ones don’t like the noise. 

The secret is lots and lots of treats and always use the sand paper like stuff and change it as soon as it starts to wear down. 

I used to have a treat after every part of a nail.  I still get one after every paw.  At first my Human didn’t try to do my nails.  She just turned the thing on and armed with treats got me used to the sound and then the feel of the vibration in her hand while she stroked me all over.  Once I realized the sound meant treats and the vibration didn’t hurt, all was well. 

Oh, sorry, I still haven’t answered your question Haopee.   The grinder thingy is called a dremel tool.   There is also one selling with a little cover.  They sell as Pedi-paws or Oster Gentle Premium Nail Trimmer for around $20.00.  These are great for small dogs.  You need to get a larger, stronger one, also more expensive, if you have a larger breed, like me.  Small ones are available in Walmart or pet stores.  Larger ones are available in most hardware stores.  They are a woodworking tool. 

Here is a link to a guide (here), updated last year, that my Human originally used when learning to use a dremel on Candy.  There are also UTube videos if you prefer. 

A new pal of mine, Suka, asked if there was any good gossip in the pee mail…

Always lots of gossipy stuff! 

Suka also wanted to know if this picture was my yard. 

Yes, Suka, this was the morning sunrise the day before we left.

Snoopy asking about “No Mischief Monday”, wanted to know if there was really no mischief, or if I just didn’t get caught.  

Snoopy, there was really no mischief to catch. 

Flea from Jones Natural Chews wants to know what a “hooman” has to do to get in on the nap action…Can’t say I really know…sorry I couldn’t answer that one.

Thanks for stoppin’!

Y’all hurry back now! 




Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dogs in Need


Hi Y’all,

It’s me, Hawk aka BrownDog.  This week I’m once again featuring dogs that need your help and/or rescue.  Unfortunately these featured dogs have no bio available, making it difficult for people to get interested in them. 

Remember, click on the picture or name to go to their Petfinder page. 

This is Perry.  He is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever located at Oconee Humane Society, Seneca, SC. 

Pet ID: 16569974 • Spayed/Neutered

To contact someone regarding Perry you may telephone:  (864) 882-4719  or email: 


This handsome boy, listed as a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, is probably a mix.  His name is Benjamin.  He is neutered, up to date on his shots and housetrained.  What more does one need to know? 

Benjamin is located at Claws and Paws Rescue Inc., Buena Vista, GA   To contact someone regarding Benjamin you may either telephone: 706-741-1611  or email:

Please note that Claws and Paws Rescue is a 501C all volunteer rescue.  They are in need of any size donation.  This is a no kill shelter. 



Tuesday, August 21, 2012

On the Road Again


Hi Y’all,

Last week the Human said we were going to go back to the mountains.

So before daylight one morning we headed out…I got my chance to check pee mail.

We were settled back in the mountains to enjoy the sunset.

Y’all come back now!



Monday, August 20, 2012

No Mischief Monday


Hi Y’all!

The Humans were very busy all weekend bakin’ and cookin’ and visitin’ family.  Of course I was not included. 

The Humans made sure that I had some morning and evening time with them and LOTS of treats…so what did I do, all by myself all that time?

Y’all hurry back now!




Saturday, August 18, 2012

Manicure Time


Hi Y’all!

I seem to get way more manicures than bathes.  This is the most boring of my grooming routines.  Like many things in my life, manicures tend to make me vocal.


This entire procedure is sooooo boring!




Y’all come back now!